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AdWords managers; Can you link an MCC to an MCC?!? Find out.

Hi Everyone, 


Knowing a system seemingly inside out, as most PPC mangers or specilists do, sometimes it can become a bit stale working with the same system and interface all day every day. 


That's why I love this forum; you always learn something and feel all the better for it. Recently a respected fellow search marketing specilist of mine had the humility to ask me what she perceived to be a 'stupid question'. Aside from telling her there's no such thing as a stupid question, I was happy to be able to answer her question and lend a hand.


The question was, as the title suggests, "can you link one MCC to another?". BRILLIANT QUESTION! 


Anyone who says they haven't wondered about this is a liar, and those who no longer wonder have either tried it themselves and found the answer or have asked somebody else. 


The simply answer is YES you can. It's really simply but does seem to defy all logic. How can you add a whole MCC to an MCC which only holds accounts? How would that work? How would it show up?


The solution is really simple and almost disarmingly so.


You link to the other MCC from your own MCC as you would do with any normal account linking. In the below steps I'm going to use the example that you work for an agency, and also have a personal MCC for freelance pursuits. You can have two MCCs for any number of reasons, let's just go with this one. You want to have ALL the accounts that you oversee both in your day job and in your freelance job under the same login so that you are never more than 1 click away from accessing any of your PPC accounts. Here's how:


1. Log in to the MCC that you want to link to

2. Locate and copy the 10 digit series of numbers from the top right corner (manager ID)

3. Log out of that MCC and log in to your MAIN MCC, the one you want to access everything from

4. Click on 'link existing accounts'

5. Enter the manager ID from above and request access

6. Log out of your MAIN MCC and go back to the MCC you want to link to

7. Click on 'my account > account access'

8. Accept the request for access to the MCC from your MAIN MCC

9. Log back in to your MAIN MCC and in your accounts list you will now see the other linked to MCC appearing just like any of the other accounts

10. When you click on this from the accounts list it takes you through to the other MCC whilst you are still logged in to the MAIN MCC

11. Business as usual


Cool, eh?





about Jack Porter-Smith

I'm Jack. I have been involved in search marketing for the last nine years and love it. I come to the forum to help other people, and to learn from those people.

October 2012

Very good article. One more point is worth mentioning. We can link upto 5 levels of MCCs (a maximum of four levels of MCC above or below your own).

February 2013

Good Information here but I hope you can help me take it a step further. The freelancers MCC account is now linked to the Agencies account he will be working with. How can this Agency allow the new freelancers MCC account to view, click and manage selected accounts the Agency has in it's MCC? How can the Agency allow the freelancer to do this but if the freelancers leaves, through the Agencies MMC they can remove access to the linked accounts and they will be removed from the freelancers MCC?


I sure would like your feed back on this!

Simon P
April 2014

Yes, I'd like to understand what can be done to stop the freelancer 'locking out' the agency from the client's accounts if the freelancer wishes?

Sławomir P
March 2015

Every time an agency gets a new client it is wise to create a new, "single" MCC acc. for this client. Advantage of this approach is that later on you may link this single MCC account to a number of MCCs.


When a freelancer comes, you may create a new dedicated MCC account for him with number of single accounts joint into one. From within his MCC panel he can then request link to this newly created MCC. Once his job is finished you may "Terminate access" which will unlink his personal MCC from you MCC which you created for him.

Go Big M
October 2015

The problem now is, How do I link my MCC to a client MCC if that client MCC is already linked to another agency MCC? We have a situation where there is a legitimate reason for two agency MCCs to share access to a client MCC. Whenever an attempt to link the client MCC is made, I get the error: Invitee is a manager account that already has a manager.

Auke V
January 2016

I would like to know the same thing. I don't seem to be able to connect other MMCs to the client MCC.

Auke V
April 2016

Anybody has been able to solve Go Big M's issue? If I create a new MCC for each client I run into the problem that a MMC can only be managed by one other MMC. So as soon as I link my MMC with the specific client MMC a freelancer is not able to add his or hers MMC.

Simon o
June 2016

Only problem is that in change history it still posts the user that made the changes to the account.


Was hoping that the mcc would be credited with the changes. Smiley Sad


Any thoughts on what to do in that situation?

Simon o
June 2016

After reading my comment I realized it was clear as mud so...

I created an MCC to work on 1 company then gave the number to another individual's already existing MCC which she then added to her MCC.

This allowed her to make changes... however it also passed her info into change history which is of course undesirable as her email address is not our company email address.


So now... any thoughts on how to fix that situation?

The Creative C
July 2017

I have a question that I have been trying to find the answer too for ages.


I have 4 MCC's and 1 google partners page, How do I link all my MCC to earn spend on my 1 Google partners page for Partner Status?