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AdWords Sitelink Extensions - Give your customers more information at first glance.

Hello folks, 

I’d like to discuss with you how you can benefit from using Sitelink Extensions.

Sitelink Extensions are a handy way of showing your customers subheadings beneath your text ad that will help them navigate your site quickly and easily. If your site has several sections that you should consider using sitelink extensions.

In the 90 days after Nationwide Insurance implemented sitelinks in their brand campaigns they experienced a 73% CTR boost and a 60% conversion boost. They used sitelinks to work towards three different goals, including: acquiring new customers, directing users to brick-and-mortar agent locations, and reinforcing their branding initiatives. By using sitelinks such as “Get a Quote”, “Agent Locator”, and “World’s Greatest Spokesman” each of these goals was made visible when customers saw their ads.

You don’t have to own a large business to use sitelinks. If you own a bookshop for example and sell all different kinds of books, you could have a Sitelink Extension for the Travel section of your site, the Cookery section, the Fiction section, etc. Through making the valuable content on your site more visible and accessible, sitelinks can help shorten your customer’s steps from click to conversion and improve the profitability of your search ads. 

How to measure sitelinks?

You can see the CTR and number of impressions for your sitelinks by going to the Ad Extensions tab. These metrics show you the CTR, clicks, impressions, etc, for your ads when shown with sitelinks beneath them. You could also segment the data on your Sitelinks tab by Click Type, which would allow you to compare the number of times people clicked on the sitelinks themselves rather than clicking on the ad text, when your sitelinks were shown. This could give you an idea of which set of sitelinks were more popular when comparing different sitelinks across different campaigns.