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AdWords Search Terms Report - Improve account performance and save budget

The AdWords Search Terms Report is one of my favorite AdWords reports.  This valuable report can assist advertisers in maintaining a healthy account and reducing wasted budget.  


If you are using anything but Exact Match keywords then you will need to pay special attention to the Search Terms Report.  Because Broad and Phrase Match keywords have the potential to expand to other related search terms there is always the potential that your ads may appear on irrelevant search queries.  If your ads are served on irrelevant search queries this leaves the door open for lower Click Through Rates which lowers account performance and can lead to higher costs per click.  You also run the risk of wasted budget spent on irrelevant traffic.


Search Query Reports can be run on a Campaign, AdGroup or Keyword level.  I suggest running it at the AdGroup level to start and then when necessary take a deeper dive into specific keywords.  


The report can be run from the Dimensions tab > Search Terms


Dimensions Tab > Search Terms Report



Or by visiting the Keywords tab > see Search Terms Report button.  


Keywords tab > See Search Terms


When advertisers identify search terms that are not relevant to their products/services they can add these search queries as negative keywords preventing their ads from being served on these search queries in the future.  Additionally the Search Terms Report can be used to identify new keywords to add your account that you may not have thought of yet.  Both negative and new keywords can be added directly from the Search Terms Report under the Keywords tab.


Adding Negative and New Keywords



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Analityk Internetowy
January 2013

Nice post. Do you know if it's possible to create such a raport using AdWorsd API or AdWords Scripts?