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AdWords Quick Tips

1) When Your Campaign is Enable But You are not Getting Impressions:
Once you create your campaign if you find that your ads are not serving or you are getting fewer impressions you can start analzing your campaign with the following fields.

A) Check Your Billing Status:

Make sure that your payment is approved & you have enough budget to your account. To check the  budget. Follow this: Click the “Gear Icon” at the top right corner of your AdWords account > select “Billing”

B) Check Your Campaign Daily Budget:

If your daily budget is lower than the recommended budget then AdWords system will not deliver your ads all the time when people are searching.If your daily budget is less, then you will be notified by theAdWords with “Limited By Budget” and you will get this information under “Status” column in your “Campaign” Dashboard.

C) Keywords Status:

Be sure that your selected keywords have good search volume & your keywords max CPC bid is higher than the Est. 1st page bid.You can use “keyword Planner” to check the search volume of your keywords in your target location & also to get an idea about the estimated CPC. OR, you have another tool called “Keywords Diagnostic” which is available under theAdWords System.You can also use this tool to find out your keyword status. To use this tool follow this: Go to “Keywords Tab” > Select the keywords > Click Details > Choose “Keyword Diagnosis”

D) Ad Copy Status:

Do not forget to check the status of your ad copies & make sure that your ads are complying with AdWords policy. Use Ad Preview & Diagnostic Tool. With this tool you can check from the back-end if your ads are showing in your target location.This tool is recommended for the advertiser because manual checking in Google will rack up your impression which in terms will lower your Q.S.The only limitation is that you can use this tool for Search Campaigns.It will not work if your campaigns are opted for Display Network.



2) When Your Impressions is High but Clicks are Low

It can be happen that you ads are live but the amount of clicks that you receive is not satisfatory.If this is the case,then here are some fields that you can check:

A) Check Your Ad Position:

You should check the ad position of your keywords.If your ad position is too low and your ads are coming to the first page then try to increase your bid & boost up your Ad Rank. Ad position can be checked at Campaign Level, Ad group Level, Keywords Level & Ad copy level.

B) Check the relevancy of your keywords:

If your ads are coming up at the good positions but still you are not getting that much of click then make sure that your ads are delivering to the right people.Here are some tips to check the relevancy:

C) Keyword Level Check:

Make sure that you have chosen the right keywords that your target audience actually search on  Google. For example like the keyword “yoga trainer” can be searched by the people who are looking for the service & also by the people who want to build career as Yoga Teacher.

D) Check the Search Term Report:

If you are using keywords in broad match or BMM then check the search term report & make sure that your ads are coming up for the relevant searches.If you find any searches which is not relevant to your business then you can add them to the “negative list”.

E) Change Your Ad Copies:

Try to make some changes in your ad copies.Try to mention USPs & promotional offers. Also you should use the ad extensions which really helps to improve your CTR%.


3) You are getting Clicks but You are not getting any Conversions:

A) Check your conversion code is placed correctly:     

Make sure that your conversion code is placed at the right page (basically the confirmation page).You can check it manually by going through the source code of the confirmation page or you can install  Google “Tag Assistance” in your chrome browser to check the code.

B) Check The relevancy of the Traffic:

 As mentioned earlier you should check the search term report to see if the traffic is relevant or not.

C) Landing Page Optimization:

This is the most challenging job for most of the advertisers.Your landing page must have a clear call to action with proper information that help the visiters to take the decision.There are some metrics in the analytics account which will also help you to measure the performance of your landing page like “Page Load Time”; “Avg. Session Duration”; “Bounce Rate” etc. To avail these features you have to link your analytics account with your AdWords account.

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December 2014

Great quick tips. Thanks for posting, Shuva. 

Zunnun Reza
January 2015

Thanks for tips. Confirm this options before run campaign.


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January 2015
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January 2015

Very Informative and effective article to enhancing the AdWords knowledge.