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AdWords Policies: Insufficient Original Content

Today we'll review the policy of insufficient original content, which seeks to ensure that users are exposed to useful and original content, and avoid seeing repetitive content.


This is the third article of a series of posts regarding AdWords policies, common disapproval reasons and how you can work towards avoiding these disapprovals.


Insufficient original content is a part of our Abusing the Ad Network policy which ensures that the content served through Google ads is useful, varied and relevant. The primary reason for enforcing this policy is to make sure that users have a high quality experience on your website and are inclined to visit it again.


Some examples of advertising sites that may violate this policy are:


  1. Websites/applications that are designed for the primary purpose of showing ads.
    Sites which have the sole purpose of showing ads on the landing page would not be permitted. When a user clicks on an ad they expect to see a website where they can buy the product/service or learn more about it. A landing page where they are bombarded with multiple ads as soon as they open it, leads to a bad user experience and may even drive the users permanently away from your website.

  2. Website/applications that contain content replicated from another source without adding value in the form of original content or functionality. Sites containing replicated content even if high quality do not provide any value add to the user. They can find the same content on the original website.
    In case your website has a search functionality it's also good to make sure that the results are not copied from other sites or apps as this could be considered a violation as well.

  3. Websites/applications that have the sole purpose of redirecting users to another page or domain. Sites that promise a product or service in the ad text but then automatically redirect ad traffic to another domain or site would not be allowed. This makes for  a bad customer experience, as users are led through multiple domains without finding the product or services they had looked for. The easier the customer journey on your website is, the higher the chances he will buy the product or service. Thus, we recommend that all promoted products or services be easily available on the landing page.



Some quick tips on improving the quality of your website:

  1. Add more original content and functionality to your website/app.
  2. Remove excessive advertising on your site. Reduce the number of ads and focus on the product/service you are offering. Also make sure to clearly distinguish between ads and your content.
  3. Make sure to have your product/service easily accessible on the landing page.

We hope this post has given you some more insight into our policies and improving the quality of your website. You can read more about this policy in our Help Center here.


Please continue leaving your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

Dave_Davis Top Contributor
November 2016

Good stuff. While I know you need to be as broad as possible, it would be good to single out affiliate sites. While these fall pretty clearly into the first category, many affiliates seem to think that they can make one single change and all of a sudden the rule doesn't apply. Granted, they're eventually suspended (and that's great!) but something specific would be great. 

Mike Y

After my ads have run for a week I've received this message - 'Policy violation: Insufficient original content'

The link to the policy lists a number of possible reasons, but is not that specific. 

My ads link to mike-young.ca, which is the site for me and my books. It has a bio, info about both books, stuff about reviews - all of which I wrote - and links to where people can go to buy my books. That's the purpose of my site, so I like it the way it is. However, if Google has a small tweak I can make then I can check.

If not, then I'll cancel.

Alex A

Question about #2:

Website/applications that contain content replicated from another source without adding value.


I have a site that helps home buyers determine their eligibility for down payment assistance programs to buy a house in our GEO county...programs vary throughout the counties and states. I created a site specifically for our County. All other sites with similar info provide descriptions, requirements and some say "Check your Eligibility" but all it is a lead capture form. 


My site has the visitor go through 6 questions system with branched logic that tells if they are actually eligible, and which programs they qualify for.(added value) without submitting a form to have someone call them back.  There is no other system like that in the county...so not sure how the site is suspended. https://amieligible.info


I think the Algo misses the point that because there is a PHRASE Match that the value provided is the same. Let me provide an example:   "Cutting Edge Ginsu Knife"... by the current Algo, any phrases matches could be considered insufficient original content. However one site could be selling the product while the other could be sharing alternative uses for the same product.  


Can someone please look into this issue? I would think that the way to determing Added Value would be by user engagement and not necessarily by "Phrase match to determine original content".

Prior to my suspension. I was getting a 33% CTR and of that a 50% capture rate... if there was not value in the site, the bounce rate would be 100% with insufficient original content.


Mike Y

After way too many emails to try to resolve this, and some frustrating phone calls with their off-shore support, I gave up on trying to use Google Ad-words Express.

I had set up a blog promoting my book at http://ravensview.blogs.com/mikeyoung/  . I decided that address was too long and awkward for my customers, so I bought the URL http://mike-young.ca . That's the URL I used in the ad and elsewhere, and used domain forwarding to point to the original address.   

After a week, Google Adwords suspended my ad, saying it violated their TOS, due to not enough original content. Their point was initially that I had two identical websites. After much discussion, I managed to get them to see that this is one site. But it didn't really matter. Their response was: 


"I quickly wanted to put light on the fact that www.ravensview.blogs.com/mikeyoung and www.mike-young.ca are two different domains and from a user's perspective, they're accessing two different websites.
The reason why the site is suspended is because as per the Insufficient Content policy, Google wants users to have a good experience and not see the same content on different websites. Even if they are being forwarded to the same webpage, from a user's perspective, they are clicking on a different website all together."
I gave up and cancelled the ad. Response had been poor, and I was tired of trying to explain to Google how the Internet worked.  
Barry Y

I am scratching my head over this one...  Our company's website is suspended due to insufficient original content. This is a pretty straightforward ecommerce site with lots of original educational content, plus our products.  The URL is www.vinomis.com or our pain relief landing page www.vinomis.com/ohpr.html


Any insights?  I have requested a review.

Mike Y
I'm guessing same problem I had. Website with a URL pointing to it, and another alias pointing to the same site. Google AdWords thinks its two different but identical sites.

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Blog and link to pics and my novel Kirk's Landing all at www.ravensview.ca
Alex A
Hi Barry,

I looked at the site. As mentioned in my prior replies. I think the
value is subjective on what people who use pain relief want or need.
What I was told was that the majority of the original content should be
on the landing page. What I recommend is and what I would find valuable
would be....why this solution over other pain relief solutions? A
comparison chart... the benefits, another testimonial. Possibly a video
testimonial. Contact information must be prevalent if they have
questions. Then call and actually speak to someone there and ask
them...what they recommend you do to fix it. That's what I did, did
exactly what I was told, and got it approved. Hope this helps.

Thank you

Alex Aguirre
Barry Y
Many thanks! Really helpful.

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Ramesh K
Hi Everbody, I am facing the same issue on the website link https://bestsellers365.com/products/teeth-whitening, i have changed the content of the products and it is completely unique content now. But, i am still facing the same issue. Please help me and give your suggestions. Thanks