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AdWords Location Extensions - Contact your customer when they’re right round the corner!

Hello folks,

I’m part of the performance team for Google AdWords and have got some tips to share on how you can boost your campaigns by using Ad Extensions in your accounts to enhance your text ads and make them more visible. They’re free to add in to your account and help increase your quality score by giving your customer more information about your business up front.

There are several types of ad extensions in your tool kit that you can use depending on what your business offers. This week we’ll take a look at Location Extensions for your AdWords campaigns.

If you have a local business with a brick and mortar shop or office that your customers can visit Location Extensions are a great idea for your campaigns. Local businesses are able to benefit the most from using Location Extensions, as they dynamically add information about your business' location to your AdWords ad when users are searching for your keywords near to your business.

For example, if you ran a flower shop your AdWords ad could show with a link to a map pinpointing your location when your potential customer is searching for your keywords from their office up the street.

More than 20% of searches on Google are now related to specific locations, and people often act quickly on local searches. Research shows that using smartphones, 88% of people who search for local information take action within a day. Location Extensions help you take advantage of this increase in local searches by guiding your customers right to your door when they are most interested in your services. What better way to find that last minute bunch of daffodils than by following the map appearing right next to an ad that has caught your eye?

Location Extensions don’t cost the earth either. They are free to add into your account and when someone clicks on your Location Extension it costs the same as a regular click on your AdWords ad. With no added cost to worry about Location Extensions help give your customers the information they need to avail of your services quickly and easily.

You can use either the information from your Google Places account to create these (if you have one), but don’t panic if you don’t have a Places account, you can still manually enter the address you want to use.


Note: Location Extensions aren't available in every country yet, but this link here shows which countries they are available in. 

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