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AdWords Keywords: 3 Steps for Success

Below are 3 tips for success that will help you develop and organize your AdWords keyword lists.  These easy to follow steps will get you started on building out effective keyword lists, developing a strong account structure and achieving high click through rates.



STEP ONE – Research

If you are in the market for a keyword research tool then there are several great ones around and I suggest that you research each them (Google search: keyword reserach tools) to find one that meets your needs.  There are also some great free tools you can use to help you develop your initial keyword list.  Some of these tools will even provide data such as search volumes, competition, and approximate costs per click.


1. AdWords Keyword Tool 

2. AdWords ‘Search Based’ 

3. Insights for Search 

4. Search Query Report 

5. Google Ad Preview Tool View actual search results for ideas by using the AdWords Preview Tool


I suggest that you avoid keywords that are general or vague.  All of your keywords should be very relevant to your products or services.


STEP TWO – Organize

Organize your keywords into groups. This process is important when it comes to your eventual account architecture because these lists are going to develop into ad groups once they are completed.


Example below:


Business Model:  Dirt Bike Retailer – Carries major brand names.

Group 1 – dirt bikes


  • dirt bikes
  • dirtbikes

Group 2 -Yamaha Dirt Bikes


  • yamaha dirt bikes
  • yamaha dirt bike
  • dirt bike yamaha
  • yamaha dirtbikes
  • yamaha dirtbike
  • dirtbike yamaha

Group 3 – yamaha 2 stroke


  • yamaha 2 stroke dirt bike
  • yamaha 2 stroke dirt bikes
  • yamaha 2 stroke dirtbike
  • yamaha 2 stroke dirtbikes
  • yamaha 2 stroke

Group 5 – Yamaha YZ450F


  • yamaha YZ450F
  • yamaha YZ450F dirt bike
  • yamaha YZ450F dirt bikes
  • yamaha YZ450F dirtbike
  • yamaha YZ450F dirtbikes

Group 6 – Honda Dirt Bikes


  • honda dirt bikes
  • honda dirt bike
  • honda dirtbikes
  • honda dirtbike

Group 7- Honda XR650L


  • honda XR650L
  • honda XR650L dirt bike
  • honda XR650L dirt bikes
  • honda XR650L dirtbike
  • honda XR650L dirtbikes

Continue this process of keyword grouping for each make/model.  These groups are going to be your ad groups.  Each ad group is designed around a keyword theme and ad text can be created that is very relevant to the keyword theme.  People looking for a Honda XR650L will be presented with ad text all about the Honda XR650L.  This ‘relevance’ will not go unnoticed by your potential customers or Google, when it comes to your click through rate (CTR) which leads to better account quality.


STEP 3 – Keyword Matching Options

Now you have these tightly knit themed keyword groups.  Next is to learn about keyword matching options.  There are 5 keyword match types to consider: broad, +broad +match +modified, “phrase”, [exact] and -negative.  Each will have a different effect on your keywords performance and are essential to a good keyword list.   Read more about AdWords Keyword Matching Options here.


To Summarize, well-built keyword lists are going to take some time and effort to build.  There are tools out there to help you get started.  The information and articles linked above will give you a better understanding of how to organize your keyword lists into ad groups.  This process is one of the first steps to achieve better organization, customer interaction, quality scores and have a profitable experience with AdWords.


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