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AdWords If functions for customizing Ad Text

There was a time when Paramservice which let marketers customize just numbers in ad text seemed like a magic which eventually was taken to next level by ad customizers and business data but invent of if function in ad copy has really pushed envelope.
At the moment this feature lets marketers customize ad text based on audience or device type but the possibilities are exciting and hopefully in future more dimensions and even more conditions are exposed to this feature.
Even as it stands today using this feature with 2 dimensions is quite exciting, some use cases of current dimensions are..

  • Customizing ad text for new users V/s returning users , where new users can be targeted with acquisition coupons and returning users with higher basket values
  • Customizing ad text for based on the position where user abandoned the funnel
  • Customizing ad text based on device type of user

It works with simple If function with syntax as below
{=IF(device=mobile, text to insert):default text}, where (text to insert) will be the text that marketer wants to insert if ad is triggered from mobile device and (default text) is text where device type is not mobile.
A practical example of the same will be
{=IF(device=mobile, Free Shipping on Mobile Orders!):Free Shipping on Orders over $25.}

For this condition ad on mobile device will be like


And on desktop for same keyword the ad will look like


Similarly you can use this feature based on your audience list to customize your ad text as example below.
{=IF(audience IN(buyer), 10% off on orders above 199!): Free Shipping on 1st order!}

* assuming list name of your buyers list is "buyer"

This way you can promote your returning users for higher basket values with coupon on minimum order value and at the same time promote acquisition offer of free shipping for new users.

For this use case ad text for buyers will look like


And for users who are not buyers will look like 


Waiting for more functions and more dimensions

about Nikhil Parachure

Digital Marketing / Web & App Analytics expert with experience ranging from small businesses to very large portals. Across varied verticals like banking, travel, ecommerce, insurance. Google Adwords top contributor since 2013 and currently working with a leading Indian ecommerce portal. Aspiring writer, wants to be lighter!

bhargav k
February 2017

Hi Nikil,


If we use 30% offer for mobile users and 15% offer for desktop users. we need make different landing pages for every offer. or is it possible to use one landing page for both mobile and desktop.


 I am confusing because there are two offers but I don't know how to give it separately for mobile users and desktop users.




February 2017

Hi @bhargav k

{ifmobile:[value]} valuetrack paramter to define diffrent landing pages for mobile and desktop.

Hope it helps


bhargav k
February 2017

Thanks Nikhil,


Nikhil c




Monika S

Hi Nikhil,


is there any limitation concerning how many times 'if function' can be used in the single ad, meaning is it possible to add it in both, headline and description line, at the same time? I'm getting this strange error which I don't know how to troubleshoot:




It seems to appear only when I add 'if function' in the description line.

Did you experience that before?





Hi Nikhil,


When we tried this IF function feature through adwords editor, we are facing an issue. Please resolve it.