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AdWords Features you may have missed while on Holiday

2018 has arrived and many of us are just getting back into the swing of things after holidays. Others may be taking some deserved rest after the rush of the holidays (AdWords Shopping advertisers, I’m looking at you!). In short, wherever you may be, it’s important to stay up to speed on the big changes that happened to AdWords in over the holidays.


Below, I’ve highlighted all of the major changes that happened to AdWords in December - and what they mean for you:


Update 1: More comprehensive reporting on your expanded Landing Page URLs. Recently, AdWords started offering information on the landing pages you use to send traffic to. Some of you may have gotten access as early as August, but for most it’s only been available since November of 2017.


AdWords now can potentially offer the following information on your landing pages:

  • Mobile-friendly click rate
  • Valid AMP click rate
  • Performance metrics such as clicks, cost, conversion rate, etc.


Now, metrics are available on your landing pages with the feature release. It also offers full information on your “expanded landing page url”. If needed, to learn more about expanded landing page url’s, review this Help Center resource.


Update 2: Quickly go to the campaigns or ad groups you made changes to from "Change history."

The AdWords Beta improved its User Interface to make it easier for you to navigate back and forth from your “Change History” to “Campaigns” or the “Ad Groups” section. Although this sounds like a simple change, it’s quite but helpful!


Update 3: Re-engage customers by using phone numbers and mailing addresses to set up Customer Match.

An interesting update (in my opinion!) is that AdWords will now allow you to use phone numbers and mailing addresses to build a “Customer Match” list. For those not aware of what a “Customer Match” is. A “Customer Match” is a list of your existing customers who can be identified through Google’s database. If your customers use the same contact details you have on file with one of Google’s services (Gmail, YouTube, etc.) odds are that you’ll have the ability to add them to your “Customer Match” list.


Until recently, Google only accepted emails as a source to build “Customer Matches,” but has now expanded your options to include phone numbers and mailing addresses - thus increasing the chance that your list will match with a Google account!


Keep in mind, you must adhere to Google’s strict policies on Customer Matching. To learn more, review the details on their requirements in this link: https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/6299717


Update 4: Test changes across multiple ads and apply the ones that work with ad variations.

Great news for all of your conversion rate optimization geeks out there! Finally, there’s a chance to run some A/B testing on our ad copy!


Currently, there are three variations on ad copy testing:


  • Find and replace: This option allows you to select specific phrases like “Try Today!” and replace them with something else like “Buy Now!”.


  • Update text: This option allows you to replace entire lines of text. For instance, you want to change your Headline from “Try the new AdWords ad variations feature now” to “Explore AdWords' ad variations feature today!”
  • Swap headlines: This option allows you to see if your second headline would be more effective as the first headline.


Once you choose the ad variation test you want to try, you’ll simply need to select a start and end date for your experiment. Additionally, you’ll want to do an “experiment split,”which tells AdWords what percentage of your traffic you want to include in the A/B test.


Keep in mind, the feature is only available for those using the new AdWords Experience. If you’re still using the old AdWords experience, you’ll need to enter the new one to access the testing feature.


Update 5: Act faster on auction insights and impression share data

As of December, the auction insight and impression share data will be updated multiple times a day. This is welcomed news since it allows you to stay up to date on how your campaigns fair throughout the day - in relation to their respective competitors.


Folks, that sums it up. Some of these updates are pretty standard and won’t have a large effect on most advertisers, but personally, updates number three and four are pretty huge for me! The ability to add phone number and mailing addresses as well as run new ad copy experiments could be game changing features which you definitely will want to start using!


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