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AdWords Editor 11.1 Released - Reloaded With Much-Awaited Enhancements

With the latest release of updates in AdWords Editor 11, the new version 11.1 makes it all faster and easier to manage your AdWords accounts. Here are some of the much awaited features and enhancements:


Call-Only Ads - In the earlier version of AdWords editor, it was not possible to create a call-only ad, you could do it only in the browser interface. With this new update, you can very easily create any number of such campaigns with ease.




Upgraded URLs - No doubt, Upgraded URLs is one of the most talked about updates in AdWords. But as it is quite a new feature, there was no support for it in the Editor. This new version now allows you to upgrade your destination URLs to Final URLs and set up Tracking Templates of your choice. Good news, isn't it?




Labels - It's yet another new feature into the Editor whereby you can add labels to your ads, keywords, ad groups, campaigns etc. very easily. So, if you are managing a bigger account with several campaigns, using labels will make data filtering and management more efficient. 


To add a label go to Data > Ad New > Ad New Label


Account and Type Filters - Here comes the filtering options which you can find in the left sidebar of the Editor's interface. Now you can filter campaigns by type, status and many more…




Improvement to Search - Now include more than one word while doing your search. It was not supported in version 11 of AdWords editor, though it was possible in the earlier versions.




Spell Check Languages: If you need your Editor's Spell Check to be in a different language, you can simply download the appropriate language dictionary package from Open Office and can install it with the editor. More on how to go about it is here.


Some of the other enhancements include Mobile App Targeting, Mobile Interest Categories targeting,  and Mobile OS version Targeting.


All these features are indeed very helpful. It will save a lot time and energy for almost all of us. Here in this community, we came across several questions concerning these features in the past a few months, and there were no definite answers. Thanks to AdWords Engineers for putting together all these enhancements in this new update. Thanks a ton!


Ratan Jha

about Ratan Jha

A digital marketing strategist and consultant with 9+ years of experience. I help businesses make their marketing strategies more rewarding. Co-Founder - Splashsys Webtech. Winner of DigiGurus - a competition among Indian Google Partners.

June 2015

Thanks for posting this ratan

Indeed good editor features

Will try to use them

Dhannesh Balaji S
June 2015

Hi Ratan,


Currently i am using AdWords Editor 11.1.2 and facing few issues. When every i am trying to postlarge data takes hours to complete the upload process.


- Earlier uploaded 17000+ Keyword bid changes which took almost 6 hrs to upload.

- Uploading keywords (17000+) with Labels took 4 hrs.

- Yesterday uploaded 28000+ ads with Labels which is still in process..


Is this issue with the new version or its from my machine. I have decent internet speed.


please suggest how to proceed.



Balaji Singh


Oliver G
June 2015

I have just started working with the new version of AdWords editor and to say I'm disappointed doesn't even get close to how I'm actually feeling.


First of: Why did you change every single shortcut? Usually, when I update some software and every single button is now in a different place, I can at least rely on shortcuts to accomplish the things I want to do. For the AdWords editor, it's the polar opposite. "Get Recent Changes" is no longer CMD + R (which was intuitive, because that's the same shortcut you used in a browser to refresh the page), it is now CMD + Shift + T. WHY?

Post changes is no longer CMD + S (like "save"), it's now CMD + P (print, anybody?).


The list goes on. The most annoying change is that you can no longer cycle through the campaign / ad group / keyword / ad settings by using CMD + 1 ... CMD + 5. No, you now need to use shortcuts that consist of 2 keystroke combinations (first you need to use CMD + G and THEN "T" for text ads, etc.). I have never in my life seen "shortcuts" that consist of keystroke combinations that need to be entered one after another.


Overall, this program is the polar opposite of being user friendly and it's a kick to the groin for every longtime user of the software. I now understand why the old version didn't automatically deinstall itself; it's so you can continue using the version that actually "worked" and "got the job done". Forcing people to adapt to the new version is basically like Microsoft forcing people Vista down their throats. If I wouldn't know better, my best guess would be that Microsoft did in fact develop this software...

Ratan-Jha Top Contributor
June 2015 - last edited June 2015

Yes, there have been major updates in the intereface as well. But once you get used to it, it's should not be a problem. 


About your feedback, there's a dedicated discussion around AdWords Editor 11. It's here https://www.en.adwords-community.com/t5/From-the-Community-Team/AdWords-Editor-11-0-Discuss-with-the...


Posting your feedback there will get you prompt responses. 


Ratan Jha

Oliver G
June 2015

Thanks for pointing me there, I'll see if I can contribute something there. It's definitely possible to get used to the new interface, especially if you're a mouse user (even though it isn't too intuitive then either - when I click on an Ad Group name in the campaign browser, I expect to be able to edit the Ad Group settings and not having to click on "Ad Group" in the second browser (lower left corner of the program) first)...

but if you were used to using shortcuts, you have to start from scratch.

Ar R
June 2015
June 2015

I have just updated to Adwords Editor 11.1.2 before the enforced migration.


There are many improvements in this versions as well as some serious irritations.


The Make Multiple Changes grid works OK when pasting in an external text list though not as intuitive as the old interface.


Adding additional Keywords manually now involves 3 clicks using the mouse or pointer.

1. Click 'Add row'.

2&3 Douple click in a Grid cell to priduce the <enter keyword text> prompt.


The old keyword entry box only need a single 'carriage return' keypress.


Given that we mostly type in lists using a Keyboard then keeping the whole data entry focus on the keyboard is more efficient.


For the paste of the external list, many will have selected and pressed control C.
So Control V will be the fastest way to paste into the Adwords window.as in 10.6.


The list of branches in the 'Manage panel' is completely comprehensive.


Unfortunately many are not applicable for many Campaigns,
e.g. placements in a search only campaign.


The resulting panel is more cramped than it needs to be.


I wear expensive varifocal glasses but this interface has still slowed down my navigation.
I would rate the accessibility score of the new interface as lower than the old.


Rob McGonigle.

Farnell A
August 2015

Hi guys,

The new 11.1.2 editor has many issues. I'm having an issue with posting things as it was mention above. I posts about 9 elements every 5 minutes, if I'm lucky. Sometimes it even doesn't bother to post at all, just hangs there. I spoke to Google about 10 times and they don’t see any problems.

The issues started during and after upgraded URL. I'm sure that something is wrong on Google’s side, but they won't admit it and maybe are not sure what’s actually has gone wrong.

Its s pity, as at represent there is nothing out there to support you in managing large account. I think we should start moving to other engines to drive the traffic.