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3.2K members online now
3.2K members online now
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Prior to joining the Top Contributor Program, most Top Contributors start as Rising Stars. Just like Top Contributors, Rising Stars are volunteers who have a positive attitude, share their product knowledge with other users, and participate in the community consistently. Having a Rising Star title means that your AdWords Community profile will have a special Rising Star badge attached to it, which allows other users and Top Contributors in the community to recognize you as a frequent and valuable member.




David Stockelberg


Community username: David_Precisera


Self-taught webmarketer with a PhD in Intellectual history (focus on german philosophy and social sciences 1800-1900). Speaks Swedish, English, German and some Chinese (can read a few others). Has 2 kids, 1 wife and 2 rabbits. User of AdWords since 2006. AdWords and Analytics Qualified. Works as SEM-consultant since 2010.

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Pawan704.jpgSuman Kumar


Community name: sumanppc


I am an avid professional in Adwords field. I have been in creating and managing PPC campaigns  for nearly 2 years. I have been working on Google Adwords believe that discussions always bring something positive and we always learn something from each discussion. I am a keen learner and look forward to learn new things/strategies everyday. 



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helen-brown.jpgHelen Brown


Community username: Hel_ipe


From the first day that I learned of the community, I've found myself amongst the various pages where there is always something new and interesting to learn. I feel that from reading and taking part in forum conversations, all AdWords users can boost their knowledge and skills. It's a great pleasure to be able to join in, I enjoy posting and offering assistance where I can. Outside of work I am passionate about cooking and good food, traveling and spending time with my loved ones.


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Ryan.jpgRyan Holdaway


Community username: RyanHoldaway


I'm based in the UK and have been a PPC Specialist since 2008. Having worked both in-house and in an agency environment I am proficient at understanding, achieving and exceeding client’s expectations. “Traffic + conversion rate = Money” is a formula that’s always on my mind so in addition to sending quality optimised traffic to my client’s websites, I am also heavily involved in UX.

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Shuva Nandy


Community username: shuva


Currently I'm working as a Digital Marketing Manager at TechShu Consultancy Ltd. I feel really great to be a part of this community and also enjoy helping others with the best of my knowledge. I love sports, music and reading books.


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Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 3.05.41 PM.pngAleksandar Vucenovic


Community username: AleV 


After more than ten years of experience in electronic trading and equipped with a bachelors degree in business administration I've decided to create my own business. I love technology, science, arts and have a talent to optimize and improvise processes creatively. With Google AdWords I found exactly the playground where I can use all of my abilities and deliver a high quality of service. My motto is: grow with the flow.


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Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 3.14.57 PM.pngShweta Shroff 


Community username: ShroffS


I have been a part of this Community, ever since I joined SMG Convonix back in 2008. And through the years this platform has helped me learn, grow, contribute and share solutions and ideas beyond boundaries and businesses. The sheer number of people ready to help, trust and try solutions made it not only a great group but also a whiteboard for individuals such as me to gain multiple perspectives and approaches to solve problems that could be faced by many through the AdWords Community. 


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ab.jpegAbhishek Singhal


Community user name: Abhishek S


I have been working in the Online Marketing Industry for more than 4 years and managing end to end pay per click campaigns. I am a Travel Enthusiast person who never miss a chance to do so. My first interaction with Adwords was in 2010 and I determined that this is what that has been decided by my destiny to shape up and pave the way for my career. I love working on Adwords as its a result oriented Platform which helps all scales of business. My best experience with Adwords is working for which is one of the top 3 OTA in the US.



nisal.jpegNisal Lakmal


Community user name: Nisal L


I am a Google Adwords and Social Media Marketing specialist based in Sri Lanka. I have enjoyed spending time on the forum, sharing knowledge and learning new skills everyday. I am an ex-journalist, a travel-oholic and an avid photographer.



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ericg.jpgEric Gehler


Community username: Eric G


I have been working in Online Marketing since 1997.  I am a Google Small Business Community Adviser, Google Partner Community Ambassador, and a Google Partner. The Google Adwords forum is filled with knowledge and different perspectives in regards to Pay Per Click Advertisement which is a continual growing and changing environment. I enjoy this forum, because I still learn something new almost everyday.


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jps.pngJohn Paul Sing


Community username: John Paul Sing


I have been in Digital Marketing for the past 4 years (professionally since 2013). I use Google products like Adwords and Analytics to help businesses improve their branding and leads, worked both for international and local campaigns. Personally, I’m an Adsense and DoubleClick publisher. I love playing keyboard at free time.


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spike.jpgSpike Patching


Community username: Spike-Patching


Hi! My name is Spike and I'm a Bid Media Executive @ RocketMill. I've worked in the Internet Marketing industry since 2009 and always had a burning passion for Google AdWords. I find paid search challenging, exciting and educational. There's always something happening in the paid search industry and I make an effort to learn something new everyday. I enjoy almost every aspect of my job and being part of the team at Rocketmill exactly where I've always wanted to be.


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Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 11.26.49.pngClynton M


Community username: Clynton M


With a formal background in Psychology, Philosophy and Statistics, the world of paid media instantly appealed to me when I stumbled across it. The Google AdWords platform was my first introduction to paid media and has remained my preferred platform from the beginning. Understanding how it all works and really getting into the numbers of accounts is what I love to do.


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Neha Gupta Top Contributor
January 2014 - last edited January 2014

Hi Zee,


That Google Certification link is not working since Google changed the format. I beleive we must remove that link. My community profile link can be added.


- Thanks


CocoP Community Manager
January 2014

@Neha Gupta Updated! Let me know if there's anything else you need me to change.

Neha Gupta Top Contributor
January 2014

Thanks Coco!! Smiley Happy

Garvin B B
September 2016

Hello  Friends    I'm new here and not much older understanding Google Analytics <smile>

Question:  I have a new web site with blog page.  I have 5 video blog posts.  Is there any way to determine who views theses videos ?    I have Google Analytics attached to this  domain   Thanks for helmingme.   Best Wishes,   Garvin Bazzell, “Bazz”