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AdWords Call Extensions: Help your customers call you on the go

Hello everybody, 

Hope the campaigns are working out well for you! In our ongoing series on Ad Extensions, I’ll take a look at Call Extensions to see how this quick and easy feature can improve your campaigns and help your customers reach you while they’re on the move.

Withsmartphone penetration reaching 45% in the UK, 38% in the US and France, 23% in Germany and 17% in Japan, being seen on mobile phones should be a key part of your new AdWords campaigns. Not only is ownership of mobile phones increasing, but users are using their mobiles to frequently search on the internet. For example, over two thirds of US users and over half of UK users use their mobile to search the internet daily. Here are some more stats on mobile phone usage if you’re interested in reading more about these details. 

By adding Call Extensions to your campaigns you are allowing your phone number to appear beneath your ads when they appear on mobile phones, in turn increasing the chances of your customers calling you with their order by clicking on your phone number. Call Extensions can also have a positive boost on your campaign as a whole, as we find that ads that show with Call Extensions increase your CTR by up to 10%. This boost in CTR will also in turn have a positive impact on your Quality Score

If you want to go even further and have your phone number displayed alongside your ads on desktops the recent innovation of Call Forwarding Numbers will allow you to do this. By enabling a Call Forwarding Number on your campaign, a number unique to you provided by Google will appear next to your desktop ads. When customers call this number this will register in your AdWords account so you can measure the impact your forwarding number is having on your business.


Have you been using Call Extensions in your accounts?