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AdWords Ad Scheduling


Ad Scheduling is a feature that allows advertisers to schedule their campaign ads for certain times of the day or days of the week.  Advertisers also have the ability to increase bids by a specific percentage when using the bid multiplier feature under Ad Scheduling.  Ad Scheduling will work off the time zone setup in your own account and is a campaign level setting affecting all adgroups under a given campaign.


AdWords Ad Scheduling


Why use Ad Scheduling

Ad Scheduling allows advertisers a chance to hone in on their potential customers during the times they are most likely to complete a desired action resulting from adwords traffic, i.e. sale/signup/etc.  Scheduling also allows advertisers to avoid times that you accrue traffic with little potential.  Basically it insures that your daily budget is available and being spent for the hours that you are most likely gain the best Return on Investment.


Included with Ad Scheduling is a Bid Adjustment feature, if you find that between the hours of 2:00pm and 6:00pm each Monday visitors are most likely to compete an action on your site you can more bid more aggressively, insuring a good position in the auction.  Note: Bid Adjustment feature is not available to campaigns set cost per acquisition (CPA) bidding using AdWords Conversion Optimizer.


The Dimensions Tab has some helpful reports to assist you in determining when to schedule your ads.  See the Time > Hour of Day report.  This report will let you know the hours of the day that you have been receiving AdWords traffic.  If you are already tracking conversions this report becomes even more valuable in that you can see history of what times of day you convert with your audience.    Also helpful for deciding your scheduling is the Day of Week report under the Dimensions > Time section.  If you pull both the day of week and hour of day reports into excel and layer them together you can gather even more intelligence on the account to make good scheduling decisions.


 When to use Ad Scheduling

Use ad scheduling when you want to make the most impact with each advertising dollar.   Accounts that are at all restricted by budget are excellent candidates for Ad Scheduling.  Accounts that are being optimized for conversions can benefit from scheduling.  Accounts that see hours of the day where competition is stronger can benefit from scheduling as well as the bid multiplier feature


Something to consider: While most advertisers can benefit from scheduling think about the larger picture before setting your schedule.  Is your audience the type that performs research?  Will they see your ad in the wee hours of the morning and then come back to research you further later in the day?  Will you break that circle if your scheduling does not allow them that ad in the wee hours of the morning?  Because there is extreme diversity between many advertisers I suggest you always think of the bigger picture when it comes to your audiences buying behavior.


Tips on using Ad Scheduling

  •  Edit your Ad Scheduling under the Settings tab > Advanced Settings > Schedule section
  • Review important reports to assist with decisions on Ad Scheduling under the Dimensions Tab > Time dropdown. 
  • Setup conversion tracking if you really want insight into your account performance.


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March 2013

Great article Kim. Smiley Happy


I was wondering if there is a way, within the Analytics, of telling what time(s) of the day you recieved most clicks/visitors to your website?


Thanks for your help.