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Ad Text Tips

Short Summary:-

Systematic use of call to actions, with proper grammar and punctuation are the real keys to success which I use most of the times while writing adverts for my clients. I prefer to have precise usage of the wordings while creating ads which create a strong impact on the online users when they see ads on Google network. So friends look for more details below and see how I actually use these tips to give good business to my clients.



What are Ad Text Tips?

Text ads are the front end representation in front of the online users. I think that it is the text of an ad, which could decide the fate of a product or service. Using some of the basic tips while creating the ad text helps in building a strong Adwords account. I believe that good call to actions and easy language which could be understood by everyone certainly encourages the users to take actions on the website and bring in fruitful results constantly.



Why use Ad Text Tips? 

Tips on writing good ad text not only motivates online users to click on the ad, but also proves vital when they reach the website and completes a goal which is important for any advertiser. I think that the benefits of writing good ad texts include high CTR, good ad position and high probability of getting noticed by the online users. I have seen this with many of my clients that if the message is straight forward, precise and is connected with the right landing page, success is sure.

One of my client had poor CTR when I took over the Adwords account access. I noticed that majority of the ad text was very complicated and little hard to understand with no grammatical rules being followed. I discussed this with my client and we then decided to create new ad copies altogether. I introduced some call to actions along with other content which would match the particular ad group and of course the landing page. Once the ads were made live, from Day 1, the difference could be felt. CTR improved and lately ad position also went up and my client started getting more online sales which had almost vanished before this, when old ad copies were running.  



When to use  Ad Text Tips? 

Most of the times, I include the high performing keyword inside the title of the ad text. By doing this, when somebody searches the exact phrase on Google, the title gets highlighted in bold, which can attract large number of online audiences who are looking for different services, products. I think that these text ads behave like a mirror to your website. Whatever is being read by the online users here, will give them an idea of thinking what about the site would be and whether they should click on it or not. I go with the idea of First impression is the last impression. So if the first impression really creates an impact, it would definitely end up with a sale or a lead or sign up etc.


Including a good call to action and whether it correlates technically with the landing page or not is another important part to consider. I think that call to action inside the ad text should really be meaningful; otherwise there might be bad consequences.


I write the ad text with the first letter of the emphatic word in Capital because this pattern looks like more professional and impressive and also an eye catcher. I follow the basic rules of grammar while writing ad text because it matters a lot when you have to present your client's business or product within a defined 25 character title plus 70 character description limits.


Lastly, I don’t really prefer using abbreviations or short forms inside my ad texts until I really don’t have other choices. Reason being they could actually change the whole meaning of what you really want to express.    

One of my client was getting fair amount of business on Google Adwords. However, the momentum was not really building up during the festival times like Christmas, New Year etc. I worked closely with the client and we decided to launch new adverts which would comprise of Capitalization (limited to guidelines), including high performing keyword in the title of new ads and some usage of the DKI in the titles. Once the new ads were launched, they increased the conversion rate by 15% and my client received higher profits during the Christmas and New Year time. It got back the broader smile on his face, which was missing for quite some time.



Tips on using Ad Text

  • Use high performing keyword inside the title of the text ad to make it stand out.
  • Highlight special offers effectively so that online users can be encouraged to click on your ad and take necessary step of actions.
  • For product based businesses, I think that it's better to avoid (if you can) writing the exact price of the product (until you offer huge discounts) because of the fact that it could limit the number of conversions when compared to the ad text which doesn't have price info.
  • Use simple language, which could connect with the right audiences effectively.
  • Be very careful using shortcuts inside the text ads because they could change the meaning of what you really want to express in your ad. Avoid it if you can.




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