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Ad Customizer: New feature, Next Generation of Ad param

Creating text ads has always been time consuming job for paid search managers. Most of us are used deal with this task by automating at least some part of it with spreadsheets and AdWords editor. Even after all kind of jugglery in spreadsheets and adwords editor it was very difficult to customize ads at granular level.

But Ad Customizer is about to change everything about Adcopy writing and the time we spend on this kind of mundane task. Ad customizer is not only about automating AdCopy creation but also it has amazing features for

  • Tailored messaging,
  • Time sensitive Call to actions
  • Scalability
  • Reporting

Before Ad customizer there were other ways to automate at least some part of AdCopy Creation but each had serious limitations. In the past I have used Keyword insertion and Param service to for this purpose and although both methods helped me a great deal they had their limitations


KeyWord insertion: This helped us a great deal in improving relevancy of adcopy to the keyword, but the limitations were that we were heavily dependent on keywords and very tight account structure. It was impossible to use other CTAs like countdown or price etc with keyword insertion.


Param Service: I love param service and I had amazing time with param service for several years where I used {param1} and {param2} in AdCopy to dynamically show countdown, lowest price and several other parameters as means to increase CTR. But the biggest limitation of this method is I could only update numbers in the adcopy dynamically and could not update text like model of product. And it requires some tech / coding efforts.


With each passing day we have lesser number of managing more spends and every company is looking to automate mundane / time consuming tasks and to get around time consuming task of creating catchy ads I have used several 3rd party tools like Double Click Inventory Campaigns but not every company can afford these tools. This is where ad customizer steps in it gives search managers ability to create amazingly catchy text ads and update them with very little human intervention.


Ad customizer was launched on 25th septeber and I have tried some basic stuff with this on one of my accounts. It’s a very exciting feature and I cant wait to explore it more. I will soon update about this with a more detailed article about ad customizer and ways to use it.


In the meanwhile take a look at help center article it has some amazing use cases for this feature.



about Nikhil Parachure

Digital Marketing / Web & App Analytics expert with experience ranging from small businesses to very large portals. Across varied verticals like banking, travel, ecommerce, insurance. Google Adwords top contributor since 2013 and currently working with a leading Indian ecommerce portal. Aspiring writer, wants to be lighter!

November 2014

Thanks for this, Nik!

John Paul Sing
November 2014

Thank you Nikhil. Waiting for next post. Smiley Happy

PPCBossman Top Contributor
November 2014

Hey Nik,


Nice job!


These ad customzers have been a good topic around here lately, there are a few people who could definitely use some assistance from someone with a little more experience like yourself.  


Good to see you around, Sir.



Neha Gupta Top Contributor
November 2014
Hey Nik, Glad you are doing well now! Great explaination. Thanks for the writing this. Smiley Happy - Neha
November 2014


All Thanks for comments.

@PPCBossman  thanks for ur comment

@Neha Gupta : feeling a lot better now, especially after writing Smiley Happy



Patrick J
November 2014

Hi Nik,


since you have some more experience, maybe you can help with a work-around:


Currently, you need to have a normal ad live together with an ad that has customizers - this kind of limits the potential use, since you would like to see all users to see your promotional messages, not just a sub-set.


How have you dealt with this issue so far?




ScottyD Top Contributor
November 2014

Well written Nik!

Rahul G
November 2014

Valuable information, I wanted to thank you for this great read!

November 2014

A nice summary, thank you.


Does anyone here know if the customizers, such as the date/time COUNTDOWN, be used in text ads running in the Google Display Network using placement targeting? I've got a client that would love to use the COUNTDOWN customizer in particular, but most of their campaigns use the Google Display Network with placement targeting instead of keyword targeting. (No paid search either.)

Mini-CM Community Manager
November 2014

Excellent. This is a wealth of information and very nicely-written. 


Thanks Nik.