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About Google AdWords Call Metrics

Short Summary:- 


Call Metrics is an important part of the Adwords call extensions. I simply love them from the deep of my heart. Almost every client I manage, use it. Online visitors can simply see the ad and dial the phone number to reach us directly. Enabling Call Metrics within the call extensions has helped me to measure which ad groups are driving more phone calls on top of the conversions. Google actually assigns a Call forwarding number to my ad which helps me to see phone calls generated from that number and some important stats like Calls received, Calls missed, Time on Call, Caller regional Code etc under the Dimensions tab. Now, the interesting part of this feature is that the Toll Free Number visible with my ad is automatically assigned. When an online user dials that number, Google transfers the call to my client's original business number. By doing this, I can get a measure of how many phone calls my client has received which are through Google Adwords.


I've implemented this feature for one of my client who is an electronic component distributor all over the US. Since the client was already getting a decent number of online conversions, I decided to impement Call metrics as well during the working hours schedule, so that phone calls can be easily answered. Since the ad groups were already receiving good number of clicks, very soon I could see the phone impressions getting visible. At the end of the very first month, I could record nearly 80 phone calls (call duration more than 90 seconds on an average) along with 60 odd conversions via contact forms. So in total, the client received 140 total leads (calls + conversions), which could be attributed only to Adwords and just with a marginal difference of additional cost. My client was really happy because we could reduce the cost per lead by almost 50% in total, which was really significant from ROI perspective.


My another client (doctor from New Jersey) was probably receiving low conversions for quite some time. After the launch of Call Metrics, I've decided to give it a try and see how it goes. Within a couple of weeks, I could see the phone calls getting recorded under the Dimension Tab >> Call Details. After talking with the client, I realized that potential Phone Callers increased slowly and very soon, number of patients also increased for her. It was amazing to analyze that the number of phone calls superseded the online conversions and the lead/phone (combined) increased nearly 100% during a single month compared to when there were no Call extensions with Google forwarding number. I could see the satisfaction on my client's face.


Tips on using Call Extensions with Google Forwarding Number:- 


  • Try to increase the number of clicks per ad group so as to increase the chances of Phone Impressions for your campaigns.
  • Identify the ad groups with potentially higher phone impressions and work around those set of keywords to introduce new ad groups so that the probability of higher phone impressions is increased.
  • Please make an important note that Call Metrics is currently available for only US and UK customers.
  • You can set a separate bid per Call often called CPP so as to have higher probability of ranking over other advertisers. Minimum amount you will pay will be $1.00 or £1.00.
  • You can split the campaigns (based on the working hours and non working hours), so that phone support is able to answer the call on time when a user sees the number and calls directly.


So my fellow advertisers, what are you waiting for? Just go for this remarkable Call Extension feature and see the transformation. I am sure you will love this.




Posted by Pankaj Sabharwal

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