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About Adwords Location Extensions

Short Summary:- 


Location Extensions give a new dimension to the normal text ad on Google. I personally feel that location extensions are important for most of the businesses and provide vital information to the potential online users. I use it for majority of my clients and they often witness good number of consumers coming directly to their offices, physical stores and provide good amount of business. Best part is that once a customer, might become a regular customer by direct interaction with the Company.


What are Location Extensions? 


Location Extensions are one of the prominent advanced features of Google Adwords. They act like a catalyst in addition to the normal text ad visible to the online users. These extensions assist greatly in bringing the customers directly to the physical stores of my clients and improve in direct offline conversions which happen because of Location Extensions.


Why use Location Extensions? 


In order to go an extra mile and present additional information to the potential users online, there is a desperate need of Location Extensions. I have been using this important ad extension for almost all of my clients who are either into service industry or into product industry. I think that implementing Location Extension correctly assist in relevant consumer number because they often keep visiting the physical stores or clinics or offices and become regular customers for my clients.


I have been using Ad Extensions since long for most of my clients. When I introduced the Location Extension for one of my potential client, users started visiting his office more often for the related consultation services and now my client enjoys new prospects everyday which earlier was not just happening.


When to use Location Extensions:- 


Location extensions' is a great feature which helps my client’s customers to find their physical store instantly. I often use them for my clients who serve locally. For example, I have been using them for majority of my clients which includes Grocery stores, General Physicians, Immigration Lawyers etc... Under dimensions tab, Free Clicks type report can be viewed comprising of Get directions, free clicks, free click rate etc... which help me in finding if this extension is proving useful or not. Similarly, I review the Ad Extensions Tab regularly and segment the data by Click Type to see how many people clicked on Headline and how many hit the Directions to actually visit the physical store. I keep on experimenting ad group level addresses if some special offer needs to be highlighted in particular place.


Location extensions can be implemented by 2 ways:-


1)  Linking Google Places account with Adwords account so that the addresses can auto populate under Adwords. It will be shown something like this:-




2) Manually entering the physical addresses (for non business owners) under the Ad extensions and then selecting Location Extensions tab. Manually up to 100,000 addresses can be added and Google will show the relevant address to the online user based on different factors like physical location, regional search queries etc.. Below screenshot shows how to add that:-



One of my client runs a cookies store in New York. He wanted local community to know him and reach him for more business prospects. So I assisted my client in creating his Google Places account, claim the listing and then finally I linked it with Adwords using Location Extension. Now people looking for cookies in New York and nearby see my client’s ad and the location extension guiding them to find the exact location (along with directions) of his store. More people have started visiting him and he owes it to Google.


Tips on using Location Extensions:- 


  • Include your client's telephone number along with the Location Extension while creating it manually. It will give option to the user to directly call the business owner for any query and may convert into a new prospect.


  • Use the Ad-Level Location Extension for specific ads and for those specific locations, where your client is giving away some special offer. But do not make excessive use of it.


  • For experimenting ad level location extension, it would be better to have a separate landing page for that particular location, so that special offer is highlighted properly and could enhance the business objectives for your clients.




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