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7 Campaign Settings You Should Optimize

Since I work with an agency (which means a lot of accounts), part of my job is to keep auditing the accounts that my company handles. While doing this, I realised that people don’t pay attention to the campaign settings that you can find throughout their accounts. They choose the settings while creating their campaigns and then forget about them.


Don't let this happen to you! Instead, make sure to review these settings and optimize. Here are potential areas of improvement to look for in your account:


  1. Location targeting



The advanced targeting, “People in, searching for, or who show interest in my targeted location” or “People in my targeted location” is a common feature to miss but that can significantly improve your campaign, especially when you have location-specific campaigns created with location-specific keywords.


  1. Language targeting

Some advertisers create new campaigns targeting the primary language in the location they're targeting, along with the secondary language, while others target only the primary language. Since you can’t segment by language and understand the performance of your language targeting, target both languages for some time and observe the impact on impressions and performance before deciding one way or the other.


  1. Bid Multipliers for devices, locations and ad scheduling are uploaded in bulk. Since campaign performance will vary, this needs to be set at the campaign level rather than in bulk across the account.


  1. Networks – Search partners performance





Search partners may or may not perform well across all campaigns. Since the only control we have on this is to enable or disable the feature, you should evaluate performance across campaigns separately, and then decide whether to turn search partners on or off.


  1. Ad Delivery – Accelerated vs Standard



For campaigns which are performing well and run out of budget quickly, trying the standard ad delivery method will help you identify better times slots to show your ads, whereas accelerated delivery focuses on finishing your budget as early in the day as possible.


  1. Bid Strategies – Target CPA values



Don't find yourself making one of these three mistakes:


  1. Target CPA set for campaigns when they are first created. The AdWords algorithm needs data to be able to optimize your campaign effectively. Switch to Target CPA only when you have a significant amount of conversions in your campaign for the system to optimize with.
  2. Target CPA set too low: If the target you set is very low compared to the current actual CPA, AdWords will end up reducing impressions & therefore leads to achieve the target CPA, making the campaign perform worse.
  3. Target CPA higher than your actual CPA: Maybe this was set when the campaign had a high CPL, but after the campaign is optimized, the target should be adjusted accordingly to further push AdWords to optimize the campaign.


  1. Ad Rotation


Some campaigns are set to rotate for 30 days and some are on rotate indefinitely without proper logic or reasoning. In your campaigns, ennsure the rotation settings are the way you want them to be. If you are testing ads and want to have control over them, keep this setting on rotate indefinitely.


These settings should be checked regularly if you create new campaigns often or at the very least, when you take on new accounts.



about Shweta Shroff

I am the Director of Biddable Media, working with SMG Convonix - A complete Digital Marketing solutions company and one of the biggest agencies in India, since 2008. I have experience in working on a variety of platforms like AdWords, Bing AdCenter, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. along with experience in Usability Consulting and Analytics across various verticals like BFSI, Travel, ecommerce/Retail, etc for Lead/Revenue based campaigns as well as Branding.

Nate D
July 2016

very good stuff im working on it today

ShroffS Top Contributor
July 2016

Thank you @Nate D! Glad you found it useful! 


Anish D
July 2016

already avialable but still useful.

Thanks for writing.

Amy H Rising Star
July 2016

Really helpful. Would love if there was something available to compare industry standards. That's always hard information to find .