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7 AdWords Tips I Wish I'd Known When I was a Beginner

Many people would like to learn from others' mistakes, especially in AdWords, where each mistake can cost you money! Here are seven tips which can save you time and make your advertising efficient from the beginning: 


1. Drive relevant traffic to your website

Start with the Search Network, and build a winning list of keywords which you want to target (you can use Keyword Planner to find ideas). But first make sure that you understand how different match types work. If you don't have time to check your AdWords account each day, you could start with an exclusively Exact Match campaign (no negatives; no irrelevant traffic; good dreams at night). This campaign type will get much lower traffic than a campaign using broad match keywords, but it will also give you more control over your ad spend.


As you find successful keywords, you can duplicate the campaign in Broad Match Modifier to start finding additional keywords that work well for you.


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2. Set up conversion tracking (both macro and micro conversions)

It may sound obvious, but you really need to define what it is you want to achieve by using AdWords. Defining this Key Performance Indicator will help you evaluate targeting methods later on and figure out which is bringing you the greatest value. Too often advertisers look at inconclusive metrics such as clickthrough rate and evaluate their AdWords performance based on those. But it's far more important to measure all important actions on your website, such as phone calls and registrations. You can also build a measurement model  based on your business objectives. 


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3. Automate your bidding

When I first started to work with AdWords, I used to spend lots of time changing bids based on different factors. The sad or happy truth is that a computer can do much better work, taking into consideration many factors which you have never thought about (your customer's location, browser, match type, etc.).


Next Steps: 

  • Consider using this bid-to-position script  - it can help you automate bids when you have just launched campaigns and don't have enough conversion data to optimize with.
  • Once you have a significant amount of conversion data, I would recommend switching to the Target CPA  bidding strategy.


4. Run Display Network campaigns

Create remarketing campaigns from the very start! Clicks from the Display Network are often much cheaper compared to Search, and can still convert well if you take your time setting up your targeting. I would recommend using your cost per conversion or ROAS when evaluating the performance of your remarketing campaigns.  


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5. Optimize your ad copy using dynamic insertion and real time updates and use all possible extensions  

It's really important to create relevant ads which which would lead customers to landing pages where they will find what they are looking for. Dynamic insertion will 

It's really  would recommend to use all possible types from the start so your ads would get higher CTR.


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6. Fully connect Google Analytics and Adwords

AdWords helps you get potential customers to your website, but it can't tell you what happens next--unless you connect your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts.


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7. Test Dynamic Search Ads campaigns

Dynamic Search Ads prove to be very effective in many niches, especially in eCommerce, so that you don't have to create a separate ad group for each of your products.These ads help drive relevant traffic based on your website content, so you don't need to do any keyword research to launch them.


Next Steps:

Understand how Dynamic Search Ads work

Learn  to work with the Search Terms Report

Make sure that you follow these best practices





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Paul G
April 2016

I've been told some of my keywords are at bottom OR second page.  How do I get them up to the 1st page.  PG

Alexey C Rising Star
April 2016

@Paul G first you need to filter all those keywords which have status below 1st page from keywords tab:


choose all needed keywords and press edit


then choose

top page.png

Don't forget about upper bid limit to limit max cost per click which you would pay.


Then I would recommend to set up bid to position script - tip number 3 from this article.  

Habib S
May 2016

Thank you Alexey


Very useful information, detailed and exact 'to do' list.


Alexey C Rising Star
May 2016

You are welcome @Habib S 

Glad you've enjoyed it.