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5 Ways to Optimize your AdWords Campaign Today

Now that your ads have been showing and gathering data for at least two weeks, it's time to think about improving your campaign.


Small changes in a campaign can often have significant impact on your results. Here are some essential tips and optimization techniques that you can implement today and boost your campaign results in the long-term:


  1. Adjust your ad schedule if you only want to show your ad on certain days, or during business hours when you’re available to handle customer inquiries.
  2. Split test ads by testing various headlines and choosing the one that brings you the best conversion rate. Then combine the best headline with a variety of Display URLs and choose the winning combination. Repeat the process as needed, showing ads more evenly for at least 90 days using the ad rotation settings and then optimising per the KPI benchmarks that you have set for your campaigns. You can also test ads using Campaign Experiments.
  3. Check the search terms report for potential negative keywords. While this report is helpful for finding new, profitable keywords, it is even more useful when used to build out your negative keyword list. This will stop your ad from showing up for irrelevant terms, helping you put your budget to better use.
  4. Incorporate Google Analytics data and evaluate keywords using bounce rate, time on site, and page views. You should evaluate keywords not only from a conversion point of view, but also considering how users behave on your site after clicking on an ad. Low bounce rate, high time on site, and more page views can also be good indicators of how successful a remarketing effort could be targeting people who search for a given keyword but have not converted so far.
  5. Use the Auction Insights report to maximize reach. Besides being an excellent benchmarking tool, the Auction Insights report can tell you which keywords are suffering from high competition and where your budget could be allocated more effectively. The Auction Insights report is available at the campaign, ad group, and keyword levels as long as you have a significant amount of data. It compares your impression share to that of competitors who bid on the same searches, including how often their ads show up higher than yours on Google Search.


Finally, you can get tailor-made suggestions for improving your account by using the Opportunities tab. This tab can help you discover new keywords, strategically adjust your bids and budgets, and more. You can review the opportunities, evaluate their potential impact, then apply them directly to your account.

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Colin W
April 2016

Should add the year in the title next time to help with search results.

Tahir L
April 2016

Check the performance of different devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) and adjust bidding accordingly