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5 Undervalued But Useful Features for New Adwords Advertisers



Adwords Experiment: - Adwords Experiments helps an advertiser to make data driven changes. Advertisers can define the percentage of the impressions that they want to be used on these experiments so that the performance of the current running ads or keywords will not affected much. It can be used to test different bids, ads text, landing pages etc.


To read more about Adwords Experiments, How to Set-up and monitor them, visit these Adwords Help articles:-

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Automated Rules:- This is one of the most useful features of Google Adwords for me. It works like an Assistant to me when I am away from the Internet or I don’t have time to monitor it. It helps you to increase or decrease the bid of a keyword for all major requirements like lower avg. position, lower CTR etc. etc. It majorly helps me for clients who have limited advertising budgets because for them I set an Automated Rule at campaign level to raise the daily budget of the campaigns if the Cost/ Converted User is under the defined threshold for any particular day.


Read these Adwords Help articles for some interesting uses of Automated Rules and setting-up them:-

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Customize Columns: - Most of the new advertisers came to a point where they feel if they have access to this specific performance data as well, then it will help them to measure the performance of their campaigns even better. Columns drop down feature have many hidden metrics that can help you to optimize your campaigns properly. Like, if you have linked your Analytics and Adwords accounts to each other, then you can see the Bounce Rate & Avg. Session Duration for each keyword directly in the Adwords Interface. Competitive metrics like Search Impression Share etc. are also added from this column tab.


Read this Adwords Help article to know hidden metrics in Columns Tab:-


Filters: - Filters helps you to reach to the specific data points for any keyword or campaign conveniently. For example, if an advertiser wants to see all the keywords which have Avg. Position lower than 4 then a simple filter can solve his problem. There are several other parameters available in Filters to get the desired set of keywords etc.


Read this Adwords Help article for more detailed use of Filters:-


Labels: - Labels helps you to keep your account segmented properly. You can use labels at Campaigns, Ad groups and keywords level. You can label campaigns on the basis of targeting location, or certain products or services or any other factors which you want to monitor. Labeling high volume keywords will help you keep track of the major keywords so that you don’t lose any important fluctuation or change in them.


To read more about Labels, read this Adwords Help article:-



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Rahul G
December 2014

Thanks for pointing out this.!

Mini-CM Community Manager
December 2014

Really useful features. Thanks for taking the time to write and post this article here, Abhishek. Our Community users will surely appreciate it. 




December 2014

I'm glad to hear that. Thanks for the appreciation. Smiley Happy



Habib S
May 2016


Thank you, very helpful information