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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days - Day #9 - All About Negative Keywords

What one thing can help make your Budget more efficient, possibly increase your CTRs, and potentially save you from serving your Ads on Keywords not aligned to your company?  The answer is Negative Keywords.


If you're using Broad, Broad Match Modifier, and/or Phrase Match (and you probably should be), you must use Negative Keywords.


Tip #9 - Three Things to know on Negative Keywords


1.  Use Negative Keywords - Negative Keywords are a word, or words, that you enter into your AdWords Account that restrict your Ads from showing if that particular word is anywhere in the searchers' query.


For example, let's say you're bidding on the Keyword, "basketball shoes," as Phrase Match.  Let's also say that you only sell men's basketball shoes.  By adding the Negative Keyword, womens, your AdWords Ads would never show when a searcher looks for women's basketball shoes.  How to add Negative Keywords


2.  Have a Master List of Negative Keywords - An extensive list of Negative Keywords that you'd never want to serve Ads on.


Over time, and by doing Keyword Research, you should develop a list of Keywords that will never be relevant to your business, and that you'd never like to serve Ads on.  Creating a Master List of Negative Keywords will allow you to have a list of Negative Keywords that you can always apply to your new Campaigns/Ad Groups.


3. Create a Shared List of Negative Keywords - Instead of manually entering and copying and pasting Negative Keywords each time you begin a new Campaign, you can create a Shared List of Negative Keywords that can be applied to multiple Campaigns.  This will save you time each time you want to apply Negative Keywords to a new Campaign.


How Negative Keywords Can Help You


There are many benefits of Negative Keywords, but a few I'd like to highlight are:


1.  Negative Keywords stop your Ads from serving on irrelevant searches, thereby saving you money on clicks that won't convert.


2.  Negative Keywords can stop your Ads from serving on searches that won't lead to clicks.  In this case, Negative Keywords will increase your CTR, and could improve your Quality Scores.


3.  If your Brand/company does not want to be associated with certain words, adding these words as Negative Keywords will ensure that your Ads never show up for this type of content.


Where to Find Keywords to Add as Negatives


Your Search Terms report is a great resource for finding words to add as Negatives.  You can also view potential Keywords to add as Negatives by researching new Keywords via the Keyword Planner.

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Rakesh Bhosale
August 2016

Good article, thanks. Negative Keywords can make or break your campaign performance. I feel that negativekeywords should be on top of the list before planning a campaign.