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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days - Day #30 - Use Remarketing

Conversions happen at all different times, sometimes on the first Click, sometimes on a subsequent visit, sometimes after two days go by - Conversions happen at the moment when the searcher is ready to convert.  Stay in contact with your previous visitors and don't stop trying to get them to convert on your site.


Tip #30 - Use Remarketing


What if you owned a business and saw a potential customer come in the door that was looking for your product and/or service, but didn't buy on that first visit.  Wouldn't it be nice to have another chance to convert that visitor to a customer of yours?  Luckily for AdWords advertisers, there is a way to continue communicating with customers who've come to your site but not converted - Remarketing.


Google Remarketing is the process of continuing conversations and advertising to visitors who have previously visited your website.  Google AdWords offers two different ways to remarket to visitors - Remarketing via the Google Display Network and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA).  Both can be effective tactics to convert visitors to customers.



What is the Difference between Remarketing & Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)?


First let's dive into how these two products are different - 




The two are similar in that via both advertisers can:

  • Advertise to visitors who've already been to their sites
  • Tailor Ad Copy based on what pages visitors visited
  • Adjust Bids based on what pages visitors visited

They differ in that:

  • Remarketing on the GDN serves Text or Display Ads, but only on the Google Display Network
  • RLSA allows advertisers to do remarketing via Google searches, with only Text Ads


Ways to use Remarketing


Remarketing on the GDN - 

  • Create multiple Remarketing Lists - The multiple lists can be used to tailor Ads specific to what pages visitors visited on your site.
  • Target users who didn't visit specific pages of your site - Remarketing can be used to bring users to pages on your site that visitors didn't see during their first visit - such as a Conversion confirmation page or a page highlighting your special offers.
  • Offers users an incentive - Use Remarketing to bring visitors back to your site by offering a unique discount and/or promotional code.


  • Expand Keyword Lists - If visitors have already been to your site, add additional Keywords to target these users.  For example, you may consider making your Keywords more general to users who've already been to your site (cast a wider net).
  • Customize Ad Copy - Customize Ad Copy to speak to users who've already visited your site.  You might consider highlighting the benefits of purchasing from you, or to educate them on why you're offering is an outstanding option.
  • Update Landing Pages - You may consider driving searchers who've already been to your site to different Landing Pages; perhaps some that are a little farther down the purchase funnel.


Bonus Tip:  Use the Search Funnel Report


One tool that can be effective for helping advertisers plan their Remarketing Strategies is the Search Funnel Report.  This can be particularly helpful to understand the user path to a conversion.  Not only can advertisers see the role of different Keywords in the conversion process, but they can also see how multiple visits lead to a Conversion and how many days after an initial visit does the Conversion take place.


Bonus Tip #2:  Use Dynamic Remarketing


For eCommerce advertisers with a Google Merchant Center Account, use Dynamic Remarketing.  Dynamic Remarketing allows advertisers to customize their Remarketing Display Ad based on what specific product visitors viewed on their website.  Setting up a Dynamic Remarketing Campaign requires linking your Google Merchant Center and AdWords Accounts, but that should be already complete if advertisers are using PLAs.

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Steven H
June 2014

Thanks for the great information on remarketing. The search funnel report is a really great tool. 

June 2014

Anytime, Steven - glad you found useful!

Alexey C Rising Star
June 2014

thanks!:Smiley Happy

Huy L
May 2016

Where to read all 30 tips, thanks!