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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days - Day #3 - Use Extensions

Google AdWords offers several different Ad Extensions, such as Sitelinks, that AdWords advertisers should always activate (when it makes sense for their business).


Tip #3 - Activate AdWords Ad Extensions


In my opinion, some of the best updates that AdWords has enabled over the past several years has been the addition and evolution of Ad Extensions.  Ad Extensions are typically value-add, and provide the searcher with multiple ways to engage with your Brand/website.  Ad Extensions take a traditional Paid Search Ad and enhance it's relevance by providing more information on your business, and by offering the searcher with multiple engagement paths.


Types of AdWords Ad Extensions (note: not all Extensions may be available in your country, click on the links to find more)


  1. Sitelinks - Append additional lines of text, with clickable links, to drive traffic deeper into your site
  2. Location Extensions - Append your closest local address to the searcher in your Ad (For advertisers with local presence only)
  3. Call Extensions - Append phone numbers in your Ads; can make trackable via Google Forwarding Numbers
  4. App Extensions - Link your App, and display your App logo, in your Ad
  5. Review Extensions - Insert 3rd Party reviews in your Ads
  6. Customer Ratings Annotations - Highlight industry ratings, based on Consumer Surveys, in your Ads
  7. Seller Rating Annotations - Highlight positive reviews of your business (typically for eCommerce)
  8. Previous Visit Annotations - Reminds logged-in searchers how often they've been to your site
  9. Social Annotations - Shows how many Google+ followers your business has

The following Extensions are primarily opt out (considering all required conditions are met):

Customer Ratings Annotations

Seller Rating Annotation

Previous Visit Annotations

Social Annotations


But the rest of the Extensions, advertisers have to manually set up in their AdWords Account.  Outside of standard CPCs, typically there are no additional costs/fees to use any of the Ad Extensions.


Why Ad Extensions are Important


Three of the main reasons Ad Extensions are important are: 


1.  Increase CTR - having Ad Extensions turned on, you'll typically see a CTR lift (which can help with your Quality Scores).


2.  Qualified Traffic - offering additional information on your business, and by providing multiple engagement options, you're likely to receive more qualified traffic, which could lead to increased Conversions.


3.  Relevance - By showing the searcher multiple options, and additional information such as your local address, your Ads will become more relevant to searchers, and help you distinguish yourself from your competition.


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Jeewan G
April 2014

Sir a new extension has been introduced i.e. Image extension. We should include that also that can give lot of boost to our ad

Adrian B
April 2014

What would be an attractive feature to highlight is that 3 out of 9 extensions do not cost to click.




"Clicks on review extensions, social annotations, and seller rating annotations are an exception: we don’t charge you for these. AdWords charges no more than two clicks (per impression) on each ad and its extensions."


Also they boost the Ad Rank even if they are not used , such as sitelinks for the top 3 spots, because google evaluates that keywords from an ad group with sitelinks has a higher relevancy.

abhishek d
May 2014

Is the match extension limited to only certaing regions? As of now I can't see it in India

abhishek d
May 2014

please ignore the previous comment.

I was refering to Image extension, is it available in India?

May 2014

Hi Abhishek,

As I understand Image Extensions, they're available globally, but only in English -