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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days - Day #28 - Use Auction Insights

Recently I posted an article on how advertisers can monitor other advertisers who are competing with them in their Keyword Auctions, Spy Games - Using Auction Insights to See my Competition.  An AdWords Tip list would not be complete without encouraging advertisers to use, and take advantage, of this report.


Tip #28 - Use Auction Insights


Two years ago, when AdWords released the new Auction Insights Report, it offered advertisers a glimpse into what other advertisers were competing with them in their Keyword Auctions.  The goal of this report was not to give away confidential data, or let advertisers see what their competitors' strategies were.  Instead it was designed to help advertisers make informed decisions about their own strategies and tactics, based on the competitive landscapes of their own Keyword Auctions.


A small pain-point to the report was that data could only be seen at an individual Keyword level.  Luckily about one year ago, Google made some exciting enhancements to the report, allowing advertisers to see data on multiple Keywords, and data at the Campaign and Ad Group levels.


Before we dive into how advertisers can use the Report, let's first talk about what it shows, the Auction Insights Report shows advertisers the following:

  • Competitors - What other websites appear in the same AdWords Search Results as them
  • Impression Share - how often your Ads appeared when your Keywords were queried, and the "...Impression Share of other advertisers as a proportion of the auctions in which you were also competing."
  • Overlap Rate - How often your Ads appeared in the same AdWords results with the other advertisers.
  • Position Above Rate - How often your competition appears in a higher position than you in the AdWords results
  • Top of Page Rate - How often Ads appeared in the AdWords results above the organic listings (in the shaded AdWords box).


How to use the Auction Insights Report?


Using the Auction Insights Report can be very helpful to advertisers.  Today we'll cover three ways advertisers can leverage information learned from the report - 


1.  Increase your Impression Share - If advertisers are seeing they have a significantly lower Impression Share than their competition, they may consider increasing their Daily Budgets in order to attract a higher share of Impressions.  Or advertisers may consider shifting Daily Budgets towards certain Campaigns or Keywords to make sure those Keywords have a higher Impression Share.  Often times there are priority Keywords for an advertiser and they may choose to own those Keyword searchers with higher Impression Share.


2.  Plan Budgets Accordingly - Besides just increasing individual Campaign Budgets, advertisers may consider sharing Paid Search budgets across multiple Campaigns.  Doing this could quite possibly lead to overall Impression Share increases and better coverage for Keywords against your competitors.  Here again advertisers may choose to prioritize their Budgets based on Keywords that are important to them.


3.  Craft a Bid Strategy - Based on how advertisers compare to their competition in Ad Positions, advertisers may consider creating a Bid Strategy to try and outrank their competitors.  Because the Report shows how often other advertisers appear above you and at the top of page, advertisers may consider making sure there Ads appear higher.  Another way to use this would be to decrease overall Bids in order to make the Daily Budgets last longer.

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