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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days - Day #26 - Use AdWords Shared Budgets

If you're managing multiple Campaigns in AdWords it can be overwhelming to manage Daily Budgets across all the different Campaigns.  Fortunately, there is a feature inside of AdWords that can help.


Tip #26 - Use AdWords Shared Budgets


AdWords Shared Budgets is a feature inside of AdWords that allows you to create a Daily Budget for your Account, and then share it across multiple Campaigns.  Instead of tediously assigning a separate Daily Budget for each Campaign, you can select one, or multiple, amount(s) and then assign that budget to multiple Campaigns - that way they'll all pull from the same Daily Budget.


One thing that I always found challenging in AdWords was that I'd often have to go into my AdWords Account and adjust my Daily Campaign Budgets based on the previous days' performance.  With Shared Budgets that is no longer an issue as multiple Campaigns can just share an amount I set.


Why Use Shared Budgets?


  • Manage to overall Budget - Shared Budgets are great for advertisers with multiple Campaigns who have a strict budget amount they'd like to manage to.  


  • Allocating Budgets - Shared Budgets can also be useful if you have certain products in specific Campaigns and you know you only want to allocate a percentage of your overall budget to those products - you can just share a budget across the Campaigns that are targeting those products.


  • Avoid depleted budgets - There will be times when advertisers choose to, based on performance, budget, ROI goals, etc., to not have maximum Impression Share on certain Keywords/Campaigns and that's ok.  However, if overall budget is not exhausted and performance goals are strong, advertisers would be wise to not miss high-performing Impressions.  Sharing Budgets across Campaigns can help the Campaigns stay active longer, thus receiving more Impressions.

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