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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days - Day #25 - Know Your Impression Share

Share of Voice (SOV) is an important metric to many advertising mediums, such as Display, as a way to understand how advertisers' messages are heard vs their competitors.  Via Paid Search, advertisers can see their SOV in their AdWords Account, and they should pay attention to it.


Tip #25 - Know your Impression Share


Impression Share is the percentage of times an advertiser's Ads received Impressions, vs the total number of times they were eligible to serve Impressions.  Often times, due to Max CPCs or Daily Campaign Budgets not being high enough, advertisers are not serving Ads every time their Keywords are queried; Impression Share helps advertisers understand just how many Impressions they're missing.


Impression Share is important because by knowing it, advertisers can make informed, strategic decisions around how and when their Ads serve.  Often times total Paid Search budget and Paid Search requirements may restrict advertisers from increasing their Max CPCs and/or Daily Budgets, but at least knowing how many Impressions advertisers are missing, will help them 


Tracking Impression Share


Tracking Impression Share is easily done inside an AdWords Account:

1.  Log into AdWords Account

2.  On the main Campaigns screen, click on Columns

3.  Click on Customize Columns

4.  Click on the Competitive Metrics sub-menu

5.  Click "Add" next to Impression Share

6.  Click Apply


Impression Share Reports can be seen at the Campaign, Ad Group, and/or Keyword level (in the example above, you'll have to repeat for each desired tab).


What to do with Impression Share Reports?


1.  Consider increasing your Daily Budgets to Recommended Daily Budget -- increasing your Daily Campaign Budgets will allow your Ads to serve more often and receive more Impressions/Clicks.


2.  Consider increasing your Max CPC Bids -- increased Max CPC Bids will allow your Keywords to participate in more auctions, thus increasing your Impressions.

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May 2014

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June 2014

I never even knew you they provided the total impression share data. Thanks for the great informantion.