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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days - Day #24 - Find Duplicate Keywords

Tip #24 - Find Duplicate Keywords in your AdWords Account


Over the course of time, and especially when multiple users have access to AdWords Accounts, duplicate Keywords can often creep into AdWords Accounts.  Duplicate Keywords are bad for an AdWords Account for multiple reasons:

  • They can create competition among your own Keywords, possibly leading to increased CPCs
  • If you're unaware of the Duplicate Keywords, you could possibly be serving incorrect Ad Copy when your Keywords are searched on
  • The Duplicate Keywords could be using Destination URLs that are not your preferred Destination URLs


Duplicate Keywords should never be targeting the same geographic location, at the same time, on the same Network, with the same Match Types.


Finding Duplicate Keywords


Fortunately there is an easy way to search for and identify Duplicate Keywords.  Remember Tip #5 - Use the AdWords Editor?  Using the AdWords Editor, advertisers can quickly run a report and search for Duplicate Keywords.


Even if advertisers don't use the AdWords Editor to manage their Campaigns, they should at least use it to search their Account and ensure no Duplicate Keywords exist in their Account.  


If Duplicate Keywords are found, pause all but one of the Duplicates.  The AdWords Editor Select Duplicate Keywords Tool can help.  You'll want to make sure that the Duplicate Keyword you keep active is driving to your preferred Destination URL and matches with the correct Ad Copy.  I recommend keeping the Keyword that has the highest Quality Score active.


Considerations on Duplicate Keywords


For the most part, you'll never want to have Duplicate Keywords, but there are a few exceptions:


Bonus Tip: Ensure No Negative Keywords are Blocking Positive Ones


Another potential Keyword issue advertisers run into is Negative Keywords blocking Positive, or Targeted Keywords, from showing.  Again, usually this happens over time by simply forgetting what updates were made, and/or when multiple users are logging into an Account and making changes.  


You can check for Negative Keywords conflicting with Positive, or Targeted Keywords, by either using the AdWords Editor Duplicate Keyword Tool, or by running a Keyword Diagnosis Report inside your AdWords Account.

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