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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days - Day #23 - Use Campaign Experiments

Previously we've discussed how advertisers should invest time and energy to optimize their AdWords Accounts.  Wouldn't it be nice if there a tool that could make it easy to analyze the impact of optimizations and select a winner?  Luckily for us, one is provided inside our AdWords Accounts.


Tip #23 - Use AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE)


AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE) is a tool inside of AdWords that allows advertisers to analyze the impact of recent optimizations.  It provides very straight-forward reporting to help advertisers better understand if recent optimizations led to positive results.  


Without AdWords Campaign Experiments, advertisers would make a change to their AdWords Account, and then have to manually create reports to analyze data.  AdWords Campaign Experiments makes it easy for all advertisers to optimize their Accounts.


What to Test with AdWords Campaign Experiments


Setting up AdWords Campaign Experiments is a relatively easy process, but first advertisers must select what kind of Experiment they'd like to set up.  My top three areas to create Experiments are:


  • Keywords - How do new Keywords added to your AdWords Account perform; and how to they impact the overall performance of the Account.


  • Ad Copy - Via ACE, you can upload multiple versions of Ad Copy and the tool will rotate them based on your specifications, and help you easily understand which Copy performs better.


  • Ad Group Bids - Typically increasing your Max CPC Bids usually leads to more traffic and higher Actual CPCs - via ACE, you can see the direct impact that your Max CPC Bids has on your performance.

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