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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days - Day #21 - Optimize PLAs

In Tip #16 we talked about how eCommerce advertisers should create Product Listing Ads (PLAs).  Today we're going to give a few simple tips for optimizing them and receiving more traffic (and hopefully sales).


Pre-Tip - if you're a legacy PLA advertiser, upgrade to Google Shopping Campaigns today.  Regular PLA Campaigns are going away, and the sooner you upgrade, the sooner you take advantage of new Google Shopping Campaigns features, and some of the Tips below.


Tip #21 - Optimize your PLAs


After eCommerce advertisers have created a Google Merchant Center Account and launched PLAs, it's time to optimize them.  Optimizing PLAs can help do a couple things -


1.  Make sure you're not missing out on valuable Impressions

2.  Attract qualified, relevant Clicks

3.  Lead to more profitable sales and a better Return-on-Investment


How to Optimize PLAs?


There are many different ways to optimize PLAs, but below are 5 relatively easy optimization techniques for advertisers to get started on.


1.  Create Product Groups - Product Groups are a way to organize similar products within your Google Merchant Center Account.  A common way to organize Product Groups is to have all relevant/similar products in a Product Group and/or have all similarly priced items in one Product Group.  Product Groups will give you the control to bid differently by Group.  For example, you can bid more for Product Groups with high priced items, and less for Product Groups for lower priced items.


2.  Ensure your Feed is High Quality - Quality data includes:

  • Titles - Place your priority Keywords at the front of your titles.  Use the Search Terms report to see how searchers are searching for your products.
  • Descriptions - Write keyword-rich descriptions to help your products match in to relevant queries.
  • Images - Use high resolution, 800x800 pixel images.  Make sure your images match to the products associated with it - for example, if you have a listing for red shoes, make sure the image contains red shoes vs a standard stock image featuring a different color.
  • Use Google Product Categories

3.  Add Negative Keywords - Via PLAs you cannot bid on Keywords, Keyword matching happens automatically based on the searchers' queries and your data feed, but you can restrict your PLAs from showing on certain Keywords.  If you see that Keywords are not relevant to you/do not convert for you, consider adding as a Negative Keyword.


4.  Create Separate Product Groups for Highly-Converting and Highly-Searched on Products - This will give you the flexibility to manage Bids separate for Product Groups that drive volume to your site.  You may choose to make your Max CPC Bids more aggressive for these Product Groups.


5.  Use Benchmark Max CPCs - Benchmark Max CPCs can help you analyze your current Max CPC Bids and determine if you're Bids are competitive.  If not, increasing your Max CPC Bids can help you attract more traffic.

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