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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days - Day #19 - Create an Optimization Log

Hopefully you're now making frequent optimizations to your AdWords Campaigns to improve performance.  As you complete tasks, make sure to keep track of your optimizations.


Tip #19 - Create and Maintain an Optimization Log


Have you ever noticed an increase/decrease in performance and wondered what changes led to that change?  My Change History is a great resource for looking at what changes and when that were made to an AdWords Account.  However, My Change History just tells you what changes were made and when - there is no other context.  To provide context and details around the changes, advertisers should create their own Optimization Log.


An Optimization Log is a document that advertisers create and use to keep track of their past Optimizations and changes made to their AdWords Account.  Often Paid Search Professionals, and general advertisers, get caught up in their day-to-day tasks, which can be assisted with Automated Rules, that they can forget why they made changes and what the objective of the changes were.


What to include in an Optimization Log?


The biggest thing you need from an Optimization Log is a document that gives you access to important details in a format that you'll consistently use.  I recommend the following:


  • Optimization performed - Clearly explain what optimization was performed and how you executed it.


  • Why/Objective - Include details around what made you want to perform the optimization - why did you make the optimization and what were you trying to achieve?


  • Date - Mark the date when the optimization was started.


  • Owner - If more than one person has access to the Account, who owns/is responsible for the Optimization?


  • Status - Is Optimization complete, or ongoing?  If not complete, indicated estimated completion date.


Sample Optimization Log Template


Link to a sample Optimization Log - be sure to edit it accordingly to your individual needs.  Remember, the most important thing about an Optimization Log is that you'll consistently use it.  Make it in your desired format, and contain the details that are important to you.



Why Create and Use an Optimization Log?




1.  Track Optimizations historically made over time -  Have a reference point when analyzing Account performance and what Optimizations been performed.


2.  Keep track of changes all users are making on an Account (if multiple users have access) - Know what changes other users made and why.


3.  Plan future Optimizations - By knowing how Optimizations performed on certain Campaigns/Ad Groups/Keywords, etc., it can give you ideas for what other Optimizations to plan.


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