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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days - Day #18 - Use AdWords Labels

Sometimes a doing a quick Filter in AdWords will not give you the data view you need.  When you need to priority components grouped together, Labels are for you.


Tip #18 - Use AdWords Labels


Approximately 2 years ago, AdWords released a new feature that had been a long standing request of AdWords professionals - AdWords Labels.  AdWords Labels allow advertisers to "...organize the elements in your account into meaningful groups so you can quickly and easily filter and report on the data that is of most interest to you."


What is so nice about Labels is that they can be applied at the Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, or Ad Level - you can "Label" all of your important components with whatever Labels are important for you.


How to Set AdWords Labels?


Since AdWords Labels can be applied to any of your main components, you'll have to set Labels at each individual component (for example, Campaign, Ad Group, etc.).  When using Labels, it is important to remember that Labels aren't "...inherited down throughout the campaign."  Meaning: if you set a Label at the Campaign level, that Label doesn't automatically apply to all the Keywords, Ads, etc. in that Campaign.


To set Labels:


1.  Log into AdWords

2.  Click on the Tab where you want to set a Label (Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, Ad, etc.)

3. Select the check box next to the component you want to add a Label to

4.  Click on the Labels button (below the graph)

5.  Add a Label name

6.  Click Apply




Common Uses for AdWords Labels


The great thing about Labels is that they can be customized to however individual advertisers need them.  Some common uses I find for Labels are:


1.  Use Labels for priority product Keywords - being able to quickly see how the Keywords for my priority products are performing gives me a great quick snapshot of they're doing.


2.  Use Labels for Ads - Often I'll incorporate seasonal/promotional messaging in my Ad Copy, across all Campaigns, across all Ad Groups.  Labels help me quickly see performance for this Ad Copy, and also allow me the ability to pause the Ad Copy when it's no longer relevant.


3.  Segment Keywords - Labels can be used to quickly segment, and see performance by Keywords.  For example, if I was a camera advertiser I could segment my Keywords by type of lenses, or by camera pixels.



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Adrian B
April 2014

Labels can be a big time saver when dealing with hundreds of ads and keywords. I wish google would add automatic labeling to campaigns and ad groups too in the form of numbers. For example campaign could be from 001 to 999 and ad groups could be (campaign group code) such as 003.021 would mean campaign 3 and its adgroup 21.

Raj V
July 2016

It's good option i am using already. But is there option to rename the label?