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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days - Day #17 - Use Automated Rules

Time - when working with AdWords, many AdWords advertisers would like more of it.  With more time advertisers can look for insights, plan optimizations, and focus on the strategic direction of their AdWords Campaigns.  If you regularly log in to AdWords to perform routine, simple tasks, Automated Rules are for you.


Tip #17 - Use Automated Rules


AdWords Automated Rules is a feature inside of AdWords that allows you to schedule changes to happen to specific components of your AdWords Account, based on criteria you define.  "Automated Rules give you the flexibility to automatically make changes to a single part of your account or across multiple Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords at once."


Automated Rules are helpful to AdWords advertisers because the system will automatically perform certain tasks, allowing advertisers more time to focus on the AdWords insights that are important to them.  Via Automated Rules, advertisers can create a rule, preview how the Rules will impact their AdWords Account, and then schedule it to automatically run.


How to Create AdWords Automated Rules?


Prior to setting up AdWords Automated Rules, advertisers should spend a few minutes thinking about the tasks they'd like to Automate.  I'd recommend slowly phasing in Automated Rules (vs creating multiple ones to start at the time), as setting up too many to all begin at the same time may lead to unstable performance.  Prioritize which Rules are critical and start with those.

To create Automated Rules:


1.  Log in to you AdWords Account

2.  Click on the Campaigns, Ads, Ad Group, or Keywords Tab(s) - wherever you want to create Automated Rules.

3.  Click on Automate (small gray box, below the graph, and above AdWords metrics)

4.  Create a Rule

Automated Rules.jpg


Use Cases for Automated Rules


Using Automated Rules will vary depending on what component you're setting Rules for.  Below are a few common uses:


  • Campaigns - Pausing/Starting Campaigns (starting and/or ending a promotional Campaign), Updating Daily Budget


  • Ad Groups - Updating Bids, Pausing/Starting Ad Groups (testing Keywords


  • Ads - Pausing/Starting Ads (such as promotional copy)


  • Keywords - Updating Bids based on performance, updating Bids based on Top of Page/Estimated First Page Bids

With all Components, you can have the system automatically alert you via email if certain conditions are met.

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September 2015

Hi Vkore91,


how long automated rule will run? If i set automated rule at 7AM, will my rule run for an hour like 7AM-8AM or what?


Please provide me the answer.