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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days - Day #16 - Create Product Listing Ads

Several Tips back, we talked about how eCommerce advertisers should create a Google Merchant Center Account.  Today we're going to extend that one step further by encouraging eCommerce advertisers to take advantage of a Google Ad format that is only available to eCommerce advertisers who have created a Google Merchant Center Account.


Tip #16 - Create Product Listing Ads (PLAs)


Product Listing Ads, or PLAs, are Paid Search Ads that appear in the Google Search Results and contain an image, product title, and a price.  What's nice about PLAs is that they're almost a hybrid Display + Text Ad that allow advertisers to place a high resolution image directly in the Google Search Results.

They're rich with other product data, such as pricing and sometimes a promotional offer that allows searchers to get a quick snapshot view of your product offering before they decide to click on your Ad.




After activating a Google Merchant Center Account, AdWords advertisers have to setup Product Listing Ads inside of their AdWords Account.  It will require additional work vs traditional AdWords Ads, but the extended Reach and results should pay dividends.


Why create PLAs?


  • PLAs give advertisers the opportunity to control more real estate in the Google Search Results.  When running PLAs, advertisers have the opportunity to serve both a traditional AdWords Text Ad and a PLA.


  • PLAs give searchers the opportunity to see an image of your product offering before clicking through to your site; they can see price and your exact product offering before clicking through to your site.  Often you'll see higher-converting Clicks because of this.


  • Increased Reach & Scalability - Via PLAs advertisers do not select Keywords, rather PLAs are served based on the attributes entered into the Google Merchant Center feed.  Because of this advertisers can serve PLA Impressions on Keyword Searches where they're not bidding on those Keywords and can reach a wider range of Keywords.

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