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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days - Day #15 - Enable Paid & Organic Report

A few Tips ago, we talked about all the reports and data that can be found in the Dimensions Tab.  Most of the reports in the Dimensions Tab require no additional work to have access to, but some do, which leads us to today's Tip.


Tip #15 - Enable the Google Paid & Organic Search Results Report


The Paid & Organic Search Results Report is a report that allows advertisers to "...see and compare your performance for a query when you have either an ad, an organic listing, or both appearing on the search results page."  When Google introduced this report in August of 2013 it was truly revolutionary - never before had a Search Engine given advertisers access to a report that showed them how their Paid & Organic Search Listings performed together.  


Using this report, advertisers had the ability to view data and try and understand how their Paid & Organic Listings worked together.  Advertisers now have better, smarter data that allows them to make more informed decisions about their overall Search Strategy.  However, to access the report advertisers must do a little setup.


Enabling the Paid & Organic Search Results Report just takes a few steps for advertisers.  The biggest hurdle is to make sure that a Webmaster Tools Account is setup for the domain being advertised for.  If not, advertisers can create a new Webmaster Tools Account.


Why Enable the Paid & Organic Search Results Report?


The data found within the Paid & Organic Search Results Report helps you better understand your Google Search presence, and could help you refine your Search Strategy and Tactics.  Some common results of viewing the report:


  • Discover New Keywords: You could find that you're appearing in the Organic Results for certain Keywords, but not in the Paid Results; you could test adding these Keywords to your AdWords Account.


  • Refine Bid Strategies:  Based on your Organic Rankings for some Keywords, you could consider altering your AdWords Bid Strategies - if you see that you're appearing in the Organic Results and getting a significant amount of traffic organically, you could consider decreasing your AdWords Bids.  If you see that you're appearing in the Organic Results, but not receiving a lot of traffic, you could test increasing your AdWords Bids to attract more traffic.


  • See the Impact that Paid & Organic Have on Each Other:  Search works best when websites have a prominent presence in the Search Results; using this report you can see how both Paid and Organic work together.

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