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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days - Day #10 - Optimize your Campaigns

Today's tip is so simple that I almost didn't include it. Ultimately, I included it because this can too often be overlooked and its so important to your AdWords success - Optimize your AdWords Campaigns.


Tip #10 - Optimize your AdWords Campaigns


A big benefit of Google AdWords is that after an AdWords Campaign goes live, advertisers can tweak and refine their Campaigns in order to achieve better results.  After managers of Campaigns make updates, they can usually see their updates go-live within 15 minutes, and results are often available in just in a short amount of time.  These updates are often called optimizations, and this is something that every AdWords advertiser should be doing on a frequent basis.


Optimizations are tweaks, tests, updates, refinements, etc. that are made by advertisers in an effort to improve their results.


What are AdWords Optimizations?


If you talk to any Paid Search Professional they'll tell you a significant portion of their time is spent optimizing their Campaigns, but what exactly does that really mean?  Below we'll go through some of high-level, more common optimizations that Professionals perform (list is not meant to be all-inclusive)


1.  Ad Copy Tests - Testing new Ad Copy against existing Ad Copy and seeing what one performs better.


2.  Bid Optimizations - Optimizing Bids in order to receive more efficient traffic and/or to reduce CPAs.  Bids can also be optimized for CTR and/or Position.


3.  New Keyword Testing - Adding new Keywords to your Account and evaluating how they perform.


4.  Landing Page Testing - Driving traffic to new Landing Pages and evaluating performance.


5.  Testing New Extensions - Adding new Ad Extensions to your Ads and evaluating performance.


6.  Adding Negative Keywords - Adding new Negative Keywords to your Campaigns/Ad Groups.


Do's & Don'ts of Optimizations



  • Set it and forget it - great results take time and tweaking
  • Assume that a Keyword/Ad/Strategy doesn't work, until you try to refine it - decisions over what works best for your AdWords Campaign can only be made after you've modified and evaluated changes


  • Maintain a rigorous optimization schedule
  • Schedule optimizations



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