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3 Tips to improve Google AdWords CTRs, Increase conversions and reduce bids

Increase AdWords conversions

Reduce AdWords CPC bids

Improve AdWords CTRs


Hi All,


Our community friends offered some great AdWords account optimization tips for a real business (Ernest's signs and prints). The optimization goals were: 


1. Increasing conversions
2. Reducing CPC bids
3. Improving CTRs
Here's a sumamry of the suggestions provided by the Community. 

Increase AdWords Conversions: I want to first ask what is your main goal? Is it to get phone calls?  Leads from your websites?  Or walk in traffic?  I agree with the suggestions made to make your call to action clear on your website.  Your phone number and lead form should be visible on every page if that is your desired action from your users.  It may be hard to track conversions in AdWords because you do not have online sales, but I would definitely recommend using Location Extensions, which allow your address to show on your ads.


Reduce CPC bids: I suggest editing your keywords.  Try using different match types and Broad Match Modifier (BMM).  Also, be sure to check out the Search Terms Report regularly in order to find potential negative keywords.

Improving CTR: I recommend creating a new campaign that is targeted geographically, meaning most of your keywords have Mississauga included in them and the campaign only targets a narrow location in the settings.  It would also be helpful for you to include price points in your ad text.

Additionally, optimizing the display network would expand your reach.  There is a great new option to target YouTube with AdWords for Video.  This allows you to use your YouTube videos as ads across YouTube and the Display Network with a cost per view model. 


Here's the original discussion. 


Do you also have similar optimization goals? Watch this summary video with the suggested tips. 



September 2012

Icah Banjarmasin

Thanks Mini I like U'r post.


Mini-CM Community Manager
September 2012

Thanks Icah.


I hope the tips were useful. Were you able to implement the suggestions to improve your business?