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3 Things to Know about Headline Truncation and Expanded Text Ads

As advertisers transition to expanded text ads, we’ve received questions about headline truncation: instances where some of your headline text is cut off and replaced with ellipses (...). Here are the three things you need to know about headline truncation and expanded text ads:


  1. Headline truncation happens in extremely rare cases on a small slice of smaller-width desktop browsers.


  1. We’ve made a change to the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool (link) to more accurately show what people see when your ad appears in search results.


The Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool had been using a narrower version of sample results.  As a result advertisers saw a high level of truncation in the ad preview tool, even though it happens only on a small slice of live traffic. We’ve now updated the preview tool to be more representative of live traffic on Google.com search.


Additionally, browsers in incognito mode were showing similarly narrow results in some situations, and have now been updated to make better use of space on the results page.


  1. Focus on the quality of your ad, not truncation.


Truncation happens so rarely it shouldn’t affect your ad performance. Focus instead on writing and testing compelling headlines using as many of the 60 characters as make sense for your business. For help getting started, check out our best practices for creating effective ads.


Note: If you're an advertiser that must adhere to strict legal and regulatory ad requirements, see our recommendation for creating headlines. This may have an impact on the performance of your ads.

Dave_Davis Top Contributor
November 2016

Noticed that the truncation has all but stopped in the ad preview tool lately. That explains things. Thanks for the update!