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10 Tips for Better Remarketing | #AdWordsTips

Welcome to #AdWordsTips, a weekly series in which we highlight some of the best advice you share with us on Twitter. We'll choose a new theme each week and feature the top tweets in an article like this one.



This week, the topic was Remarketing:






We received many insightful submissions this week, and although we couldn't feature them all here, we recommend reading through all the advice tagged with #AdWordsTips.


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Akash S
September 2016

Hello Friends.
i need to set a remarketing campaign for one of my client, can u help me to create a better campaing for it?


he dealing with tour business.



hemant s
September 2016

Hi Akash,


How are you?


As far as remarketing list is concerned, make sure you have remarketing tag enabled across all webpages and it must be placed right before closing </body> tag. 

You can have to access to remarketing tag from Audiences within shared library and then you can create Remarketing list.

Keep in mind some points while you are creating remarketing list, they are as follows

  • 1. For Display Remarketing, you need to have list size of atleast 100 whereas for RLSA i.e. Remarketing list for search Ads, list size should be minimum 1000. 
  • You can create remarketing list by using Rule Based and Google Analytics
  • Make sure you enable All Features instead of Standard while you're creating campaign, else you can't create Remarketing list.
  • In order to create remarketing list by using Google Analytics, you need to link you AdWords account with Analytics, you can create remarketing list for Goals which you've already defined or going to create.
  • There is one more thing which you need to keep an eye on i.e. "Target & bid" and "bid only"

Let's have a look at both of them 

Target & Bid: Suppose you've a website and you've already enabled remarketing tag across all webpages within the website. With the help of remarketing tag, it will store my cookie and start chasing me. 

With target & bid options, you are targeting only those people who have already visited your webapages. It has nothing to do with new visitors and we recommend creating a new campaign if you're using "target & bid" option. Whereas "bid only" allows you to target both i.e. New as well as Returing visitors. Here you can raise your bid for those people who have already visited your website. 


Please let me know if you want to know anything related to remarketing list creation and its best practice. We're more than happy to help you




Akash S
September 2016

Hey Thank Hemant for detail information.. Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

hemant s
September 2016

Hey Akash,

Do  let me know if you want to know anything related to remarkting. 

One more thing i forgot to share with you that 

Goal Based Remarketing can be done. Here You need to link your adwords account with analytics. 


Suppose you're creating a goal for those people who've already spent more than 2 minutes on your website and you want to target only those people, here you need to create remarketing list using Google Analytics. Since you've linked your adwords account with Analytics, it'll directly reflect in your Audience tab under shared library of Adwords Account.


Let me know if i can help you with that


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Akash S
October 2016 - last edited October 2016 CassieH Community Manager

 Hey Hemant thank you so much.

Can you please share ur views on remarketing with the goal.

You can connect with me via phone nd mail.

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hemant s
October 2016



1. Adwords Account must be linked with your Analytics Account.

2. Make sure you turn on Auto Tagging in your Adwords Account ( Go to Shared Library then URL Options)