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10 Reasons to Start Bidding on Branded Terms

Have you faced a question from client side that “why are you bidding on our own brands keywords, as the paid traffic will cannibalize our organic traffic.”? Don’t worry, here is an AdWords blogspot article explaining same- “Studies show search ads drive 89% incremental traffic.  You can always explain same and share article with client to make him fully understand importance of targeting brand terms under Paid Search campaigns.


Firstly, I would like to explain, what Brand Search Terms/Keywords are:-


Brand keywords are the words or queries which users type in Google Search Box when they are directly trying to find your company’s site or products or services. In other words, when a user types your company name, your brand, or the actual or mis-spell address of your web site, all those search terms are called branded keywords.

Thanks to Google Instant Feature, that complete the keywords and correct the typing mistake. Many of users directly type your company name (web address) in the Google Search Box instead of typing their Browser.


Why Brand Terms are important for Paid marketing:-Here I am giving you top 10 reasons “Why to Bid on Brand terms?”


1.) User’s behavior is different:-

                              When user’s type a brand term to search for your site it is clear that they already know your name. Their purpose is also clear and they want to find your site or brand.

The main learning point about brand terms is that the users already know your brand or website to some extent. You can see the different pattern of user behavior compared to users that came from generic’ search terms.


When you run ads on generic keywords, people see and click on your ad and didn’t convert same user can, later on, find you by typing your name in Google search box and see your paid ad on brand keywords as well as click on that and convert.


2.) Helps you to dominate your SERPs:-

                              It is obviously, when you show the paid ads on the brand terms viz a viz organic results, you will dominate the Search Engine Results page. You will give more options to click on your website. The user will see your paid ads as well as organic listing, at the same time. It means you can defeat your competitors in this case.


3.) Show Latest Messaging: -                                                                                                                                                 You can change the messaging of the ads based on the offers or fresh arrivals products. You can highlight the special product in your ad sitelink. Which is not possible in the Organic listing results, as Google takes time to crawl and index as well cache the web pages, post then your webpages will appear on the Google SERP at that time, your offers would be finished or products are outdated.


4.) Observe High Conversion Rate and Better Leads Quality: -

                              As you know the user’s buying behavior is different in brands search terms as they already know your brand or website. Thus you notice high conversion rate and better leads quality.


5.) Branded Keywords have lower CPC: -

                             You will notice that your brands have higher CTR and Quality score, so your Avg CPC is always lower than generic keywords. 


6.) Build Account History: -

                             Not Brand keywords bring cheap traffic but also brands terms achieve good CTR and QS, which makes the account healthy. It will develop the good history, which might impact overall campaigns performance.


7.) Because you are spending in other Online and Offline advertising: -

                             Now, this technology edge, company are spending money on other digital medium as well. E.g. TV ads, YouTube TrueView ads, Email, SMS, so people generally type brand terms on the Google Search box, so it’s good, if you are spending huge money on TVC, Radio ads etc, so why not you reap the advantage of bidding on your brand keywords.


8.) Fighting with Competitors ads: -

                              If you are not bidding on Brands terms, it means you are losing the potential customers, who are interested in your products or services, because you are giving chance to your competitors to bid on your brand terms, and their ads might show on your brand terms with latest offers above your natural listing. Which is NOT good for your Brand as this will allow competitors to STEAL your customers.


9.) Competing with Affiliate Networks ads: -

                              If you are e-commerce and tied-up with affiliate partners on cost/sale.  Also, your affiliate’s partners are running Google AdWords campaigns on your brand terms with discount coupons. If you don’t bid on your brand terms, your potential buyers might go on the Affiliate networks ads and buy the products from your website, in this scenario you will pay affiliate network for Cost/Sale. So To avoid such situation, you should bid on Brand terms.


10.) Sending traffic to dedicated and desired landing page instead of home page: -  

                              It is known that Conversion rate of dedicated landing is always higher than that of home page. So, if you bid on your brand terms, you can reap better conversion rate. If you are offering huge discount on selected products and then you should send the traffic from the brand keywords on discount page, where you demonstrate all those products, which have discount.


As we know that AdWords campaign is highly measurable than any other marketing activity, so now you can target the Brands terms and measure the performance. Once you measure the performance, you know better whether you should bid or not to bid in Brand terms. If you are bidding, please share your learning, why are you bidding on brand terms, in the below comment box…..


about Rakesh Kumar

I have been working on Google Adwords & Bing Ad Center since April 2010. I am Google Adwords Certified in Fundamental and Advance. I have worked on International and Domestic (Indian) campaigns for clients. I have also done extensive in-house campaigns within my organization. I have worked across various verticals and industries. I am very thankful to the Google Team for creating AdWords Community which promotes peer learning and keeps one updated on latest developments in AdWords.

Anand Kumar
August 2015

Thanks Rakesh for nice Brand term info.

Sumanth Sridhar Rising Star
August 2015

Nice insights about a common misconception. Thanks for sharing Rakesh!

Prem Nath
August 2015

Absolutely agreed but facing too much dificulties to convey clients for the same.

Justin F
August 2015

Very thorough article @Rakesh Kumar and nice topic selection, thanks.

I've had to discuss this with clients as well.  My main point to convey was always, your 2nd on this list of "Helps you to dominate your SERPs".  A big takeaway for me will be your point of "Show[ing] Latest Messaging" in changing Ad Copy.

Thanks! -Justin

Preeti Rao
August 2015

Hello Rakesh,


Good points. Thank you for posting this article.

We been running Branded Campaigns for couple of years now & we saw a good conversiob rate with a low CPA


We made sure to post blogs regularly & are even active on diffrent social media sites.This helped people to serach us on Google & Ads on top of SERP helped collect valid leads (people wnated to know more about our services)


Over the years bid amount did increrase when our competitors started showing on our Branded Terms. In such case having your Branded Ad on top of Competitors ad is significant. You cant really eliminate thier ad so we inturn stated bidding on thir Branded Name.. 





oliver j
February 2017

Hello AdWords Experts,


I read the whole article, it is really helpful.


I would like to add a different perspective which I came across when I was reading a post on LinkedIn and the link will be shared below.


Did you know why eBay stopped bidding on their brand name in 2013? If yes, then that may not be applicable to your brand! It’s crucial to interrogate what’s in your brand’s best interest. It’s also important to remember that, whilst AdWords can instantly gratify those looking for a higher click through rate or increased traffic, these are mostly short-term triumphs.


To bid or not to bid on brand terms depends on the objective of an advertiser.

Lots of companies might rightly ask, if they’re a brand leader with a well-established brand, a well-optimized site and an established ranking as number one or two on the first page of Google, then why would they need to spend thousands every month for the privilege of an ad above their organic listing?

We believe that AdWords is there to complement the investment that you make into your website, in terms of its content. That content itself provides a long-term investment that can benefit your business for years into the future, not just right here and now. Internet marketing is much more than just purchasing AdWords. The decision to purchase brand terms should be constantly reviewed and the benefits qualified for each individual business in turn.  


For more information: Bidding on branded keywords

LinkedIn :