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+1, Google+ and AdWords - How to integrate them in your business

Hi all,


Welcome back to our series on Ad Extensions! I’m back in the forum this week to talk with you a little about Social Extensions. Previously we’ve spoken about  Location Extensions and Sitelink Extensions, but a great new way of engaging your customers can now be done through Social Extensions

Social Extensions are a way that your happy customers can show everyone else how much they like your services. They do this by clicking the +1 button next to your ad or the +1 link on your Google + page. By default, AdWords ads on the Google Search Network or Google Display Network all have a +1 button. This means that a web user +1'ing your ad endorses your specific landing page, and vice versa. 

All this activity creates a bigger social web presence for both your ads and your Google+ Page, making it more likely that someone who sees your ads will also see that one of their friends has used your services and liked it so much they clicked your +1 button. Since these annotations make your ads more relevant, we find that they also increase your overall ad performance. For example, H&M gave Social Extensions a try and found their Search ads improve their CTR by 22%

Have you tried Social Extensions in your campaigns? 


Creating Social Extensions in your account is a really simple process, you just need to follow these steps below: 


  1. Click on the campaign you want to add the extension to.
  2. Click on the Ad Extensions tab, and select Social Extensions. 
  3. Enter the URL of your Google+ Page. (This link will help you find the URL of your Google+ Page.)
  4. Click Save and continue.


March 2013

"By default, AdWords ads on the Google Search Network or Google Display Network all have a +1 button."


Is this still true? I don't see the +1 button on search result page ads. I do see a share button.