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YouTube View and TrueView Lists for RLSA

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This week I wanted to generate some awareness around the fact that it’s possible to remarket to YouTube video viewers when they search on Google, all thanks to RLSA. Using YouTube Channel Remarketing Lists gives you the opportunity to show personalized ads to millions of viewers across YouTube and video partner sites, based on their past interactions with your videos or YouTube channel. These interactions include the following:


  • Visited my channel
  • Liked a video from my channel
  • Subscribed to my channel
  • Commented on a video from my channel
  • Shared a video from my channel
  • Viewed my video
    • Includes views
    • Includes Trueview views
    • Includes reserve videos
    • Does not include videos that automatically play when scrolling down a page
    • Does not include videos viewed on Youtube App
    • Does not include ad videos that are un-skippable
    • Does not include videos hosted outside YouTube


One of the most attractive parts of this feature is the ability to create lists based on these individual user interactions, meaning that you have the opportunity to remarket to people who have subscribed to your channel specifically for example. This is an excellent way to target those groups who have already shown a strong interest in your brand, or to even exclude those groups who dislike your videos.


If you want to learn more about video remarketing then I suggest checking out this official Help Center article; or if you’d like to get started with remarketing lists for video campaigns then check out this article!

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