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The Shipping UI receives an update in the Merchant Center

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The user interface for shipping settings inside the Merchant Center has received a completely new design, making it less error prone and easier to use. Shipping has commonly been a complicated process for advertisers in the past, which is why Google has made the decision to align this new UI in a way to reflect how shipping happens in the real world.


So what’s changed exactly? “Methods” have been replaced with a new concept called “Services”. This is a much more effective model to help mirror the shipping services that an advertiser offers on their website, especially thanks to a table system. Advertisers now have the ability to define particular rates for all orders based on a combination of different variables such as price, destination, weight, or the number of items ordered for example. The whole process is a lot more straightforward and actually a joy to use.


Shipping Settings - Table.png


In addition to this, “Product groups” have been introduced to help eliminate the need for lots of shipping methods (or services in this case). Google noticed that merchants would often create specific shipping rates for certain groups of products; heavy items would cost more to ship or items from certain distribution centers would use different shipping providers for example. With “Product groups”, it’s now easier to configure such differences inside a single service based on the shipping label attribute in the product data. Merchants can use the exact same UI to configure shipping rates for product groups as for all of their products.


There are more advanced settings available within this new UI but I suggest playing around with it yourself. I also want to stress not to panic, as all existing rule trees and settings have been migrated to this new UI, meaning that you have nothing to configure or change with existing accounts. I’m personally excited by the new user interface and I hope you enjoy using it also!


Learn more about the new settings here.

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