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Similar Audiences for Search & Shopping

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There is an incredibly exciting feature that’s just arrived, especially for the Remarketing Lists for Search ads (RLSA) users among us! Similar audiences for Search and Shopping (SAS) is a new solution that takes RLSA lists and finds users with similar search behavior in order to help you to reach new customers who are more likely to fulfil your goals.


SAS lists are not only a brilliant opportunity to get even more value from your RLSA lists, they are also automatically generated and easy to implement:


1.) It begins with a user visiting your website and being added to an RLSA list.

2.) Google then determines which users have similar search behaviour as your RLSA visitors and adds these users automatically to an SAS list for a short period of time.

3.) Similar audiences for Search or Shopping can then be set up according to your requirements and goals.


Despite being a new feature, Google has provided us with some quick best practices in preparation for the launch. Utilising these points can help us to get the most out of SAS lists immediately:


  • Use the similar audiences based on your best-performing RLSA seed lists. Particularly the ones that model what you are trying to achieve, such as conversions for example.
  • SAS can be used to help qualify traffic on broader and more generic keywords, or testing it with keywords that didn’t work previously.
  • As you might expect, SAS tends to perform better than non-audience. To play it safe, you can apply the audiences with a lower bid adjustment than you use for RLSA.
  • Be sure to revisit SAS bids each week to adjust based on performance, especially if you started with very conservative initial bids to gather data.
  • Dynamic Search Ads campaigns work notably well with SAS lists.


As a fan of RLSA, I’m personally excited to try out Similar audiences for Search and Shopping, and review how conversion data is impacted as a result. I am also interested to know your thoughts on the new feature and whether you plan to use it in your accounts!

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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