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Preventing accidental clicks for a better mobile ads experience

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I was initially going to ask you whether you've ever touched an ad on a mobile device by accident. I then realised it’s an unnecessary question. Even the thinnest and most careful of thumbs are likely to hit an ad at least once in their life while using an app or browsing articles.


A study revealed that 60% of respondents typically clicked on banners “by accident” while on a smartphone or tablet due to the device’s small screen size, a finger slipping or a combination of the two. Only 16% said that they click on mobile banner ads because they “like the company, product or service being promoted” while 13% said they do so because “the ads are interesting.”


Accidental clicks are obviously an annoyance to mobile users but it’s significantly more serious for us as advertisers. Google thankfully realises this and has taken action to protect us against accidental clicks as a result. Two recent forms of protection were announced in the official blog recently, but this is only part of what has been an on-going process for the last four years; I therefore wanted to quickly make you aware of a few other methods Google uses to help us avoid accidental clicks:


  • Ignoring fast clicks.
  • Blocking clicks that happen close to the image edge.
  • Blocking clicks around AdChoices and the Mute button.
  • Blocking clicks on the app icon and close buttons.
  • Sliders covering half of an ad unit to confirm the intent of the user’s click.
  • An expansion of click protections to Native ads across GDN and AdMob.


These are just a few of the many protections that Google has in place however. Google is constantly studying and modelling user behavior to eliminate clicks and raise the value of the ad network.

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: Preventing accidental clicks for a better mobile ads experience

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner
It's definitely good that they're addressing this. I am pretty sure one of the worst cases for accidental ad clicks on mobile is for Gmail ads (GSPs). Alot of the time my CTRs for Gmail ads are impossibly high. In some cases, my best move for this is just to turn on the mobile app targeting.