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Improvements are coming to TrueView in-display on YouTube Search

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I’ve got good news for the YouTube advertisers among us! A couple of changes have been made to TrueView in-display ads in order to provide a better experience for both advertisers and consumers.


The first of these changes is an improvement in load times for TrueView in-display on the YouTube search page, meaning that we’ll see a reduction in mis-clicks due to the reduction of lag. Be aware that you might see a decrease in click volume as a result, but keep in mind that these clicks will now be better qualified.


In addition to this, TrueView in-display is going to be relaunched in late July as what will be called, “TrueView discovery”. As part of this change, TrueView discovery ads on YouTube will now be eligible to serve only when (1) the campaign targeting settings are met AND (2) the content of your creative is relevant to the search query. This once again provides a much better experience for all parties involved as ads are now served under much more relevant conditions to the user’s search query. Just note that this change only affects TrueView discovery on the YouTube search results page while the homepage and watch page remain unaffected.


Wondering how to prepare for this? You can leave current campaigns as they are, but if you do see a decrease in volume then you can try the following points:


  • Make sure your targeting on YouTube search is relevant to the content of your creative.
  • Broaden your targeting.
  • Include YouTube search, YouTube Videos network and video partners in the same TrueView discovery campaign.


Exciting times lay ahead, so keep your eyes peeled as we progress into July!

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: Improvements are coming to TrueView in-display on YouTube Search

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Hey Scott!

This is going to change how we advertise on YouTube in a big way. These updates are long coming and we're definitely looking forward to them.

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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