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Google Tag Manager duplicate folder, rename all trig/tags

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Good day. Very long time I suffer with 2 problem in GTM.
1. You need to create, for example, copy of the folder in which there are 10 tags, and those in turn are attached to 10 triggers. For now, all this has to be done manually, each tag / trigger is duplicated, renamed, attached to each other.
Much more convenient would be to copy folder with all nested tags (for ex.10 tags) and triggers attached to them. Who knows how to do this, please tell me, it'l save a lot of time. Or maybe, exist some application/service, for a convenient organization of work in GTM.

I try do it with import/export in JSON, but it not convenient + there is a chance to make mistake, skip something / also im noticed, that when you make copy of tag/trig its assigns a unique ID for each.  In this way not clearly understand how to come up new ID for tags/trigs while you create it in JSON text.


2. Mass renaming of the names triggers / tags. For example, we duplicate 10 triggers. They have a common pattern, in which the same start, differs only {button name}:
New_trig_Medicine_ {button name}
Need to replace the word Medicine from all these triggers with another one. How can this be done quickly, is any ways in GTM? The elementary function "search-replacement" would very much help.

Google Tag Manager duplicate folder, rename all trig/tags

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Hi @Святослав К,


ever heard/read of God's, uh, Simo Ahava's GTM Tools?



Good luck and much success!


Best regards