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Call tracking for organic traffic?

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I'm a little concerned about confusing people / negative branding effects with using call tracking numbers across an entire website, but boy, I know I'm not able to attribute organic traffic conversions accurately without it. 


I'm curious if there is a best practice here that I'm missing, what others have done, etc. 



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Re: Call tracking for organic traffic?

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Hi @Ben D my personal opinion is that the concerns over call tracking are largely exaggerated.  Think about who it's likely to cause problems for:


#1 - The customer has to call the business.

#2 - The customer has to call the business more than once.

#3 - The customer has to call the business more than once and use a stored number, rather than dialling new or click-to-call.

#4 - The number has to have changed since their last call.

#5 - The customer has to be unable/unwilling to look up a new number or find an alternative contact method.


I believe that by the time you've added these up, for most businesses it's likely to represent a very small percentage of any customer base.  Heck, how many times have you called a wrong number?  What do you do, give up and never try that person/business again?  No, most of us simply find a way to check the number then call again.


Of course, if you've got a business where the majority of business is phone-based and you know there's a lot of repeat calls, and perhaps your demographic is... er... less internet savvy, then it'll become a greater concern, but generally speaking I think it's less of a problem than most worry.



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Call tracking for organic traffic?

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Hey Ben - I think that it is industry standard to use the call tracking numbers.  We like to know where the calls are coming from and which marketing dollars are working (and which aren't).  Now that marketing is so tied to attribution and ROI, there's not much of an option!

Call tracking for organic traffic?

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As an agency, I offer third party call tracking.  On just a few of our clients that have a ton of traffic, I give them a pool of phones numbers to track organic, local, ppc, direct, etc.   This is great as the client likes to see what is working and whats not.


However, as an agency, I prefer to track only the numbers for the campaigns we are running.. So only PPC...  It's less of a cluster for us to focus on, so this year I will be getting some customers off the total site call tracking and just have the PPC call tracking numbers...