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Bid Only Customer Match not serving with any clients

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Has anyone had success with adding Customer Match Email Lists to search campaigns as a Bid Only audience? In every instance we have tried this, we have had zero impressions and zero clicks, regardless of list size, client, industry, bid adjustment, etc. I can find plenty of articles talking about how to setup it up, but no real world examples or anything speaking to this issue. Anyone got some insight to share?

I've talked to support several times about this and they said everything is setup fine and they have no idea why it's not working. Bid adjustment is 15-30%, the biggest list we are using is 290,000 valid emails usually combined with another list that has 140,000 emails, and neither has seen a single impression, ever. So far, I have not been able to find a single client who has a customer email list set to bid only that has ever garnered an impression or a click. This is across multiple accounts, with different account managers, and AdWords support has confirmed that there are no implementation errors with the lists on our end.



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Re: Bid Only Customer Match not serving with any clients

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Hi @Spike M that certainly sounds strange, but just how strange it is will depend a lot upon the source of the customer emails and the nature of the Campaign(s) they're applied to.  Customer Match only "works" when someone searches while logged in to a Google Account using that email address (I'm ignoring "similar audiences" for now).  Given this, depending upon the source of the addresses, although 290k sounds like a lot of addresses, you can probably cut away some fairly large chunks of that number who are:


# - using a different address for their Google login

# - not logged into Google at all

# - no longer living in your targeted region

# - and simply not searching for your products.


What's the repeat customer rate for your business(es) and how many of those repeat customers use Search to find your business for their repeat visits?  (I'm probably not typical, but once I've found a business that I've found useful, I almost always go directly to their site for further visits).  If the match list is simply "associated" with your business, how likely is that the people on that list are actually searching for you?


Then there's simple maths.  How big is the reach of your Campaign?  What's your impression share?  Are you limited by budget at all?  Even if all 290k of the people on the list were valid and logged in, and all searching on your Keywords, if your Campaign was targeting the whole of the UK, the chances of a match would be less than 0.5%.  Once you start stripping out the invalid (not logged in, not searching, etc.) or start dealing with a limited budget or low impression share those odds are going to get tiny very quickly.


Could any of this apply to you?



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Re: Bid Only Customer Match not serving with any clients

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All good points Jon. In the case of this client and their list, they have a good customer retention rate and do a fair amount of repeat business. They see a fair amount of mobile traffic as well which always boosts the chance of someone being signed into their email while searching. And the list has been running for months. On top of that, at the very least I should have personally triggered some impressions from the list since my personal email is on it and I search and shop the client at home and on my phone.

So all that said, it turns out the policy team secretly disabled our clients customer match remarketing without telling us and despite our client being in compliance with policy for customer match lists. Currently our agency partner at Google is appealing the policy team to get this fixed. It's unfortunate, but not surprising since the policy team has a history of bias against this client.