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Ad Placement Changes for TrueView Discovery on Search

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Starting last week, you may have noticed a change in how TrueView Discovery ads are served on the desktop version of YouTube. Only one ad slot is now available on the YouTube search results page instead of the usual two. So why the change?


This has helped to align with how TrueView Discovery ads appear on the search results page across desktop and mobile. Additionally, advertisers will now have more exclusivity when appearing at the top of the YouTube search results.


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With the reduction in ad space, it’s a good time to address a question that surfaces amongst TrueView Discovery advertisers: “At times there are multiple ads running on the watch page. How is it determined which ads slots get filled by which advertiser?”


In this case, the ad with the highest effective CPM, defined as predicted CTR x CPV, is the one which will be accepted. Whether all of the possible ad placements (Video overlays (desktop), 300x250 (desktop), related videos (desktop and mobile) on a given watch page is available is up to the content owner. In many cases, all three slots can exist at the same time, though whether they are filled with an ad depends on the outcome of the auction.


Hopefully the added exclusivity included in this update will help your TrueView Discovery ads to see more success!

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: Ad Placement Changes for TrueView Discovery on Search

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Hi Scott, 


Today I get this message on my adwords pannel. Is this related to your post? I ask you this because my conversions dropped in half from then. My ad is a placement video ad.